Adding A Beautiful Designed Shoutbox To Wapka Wapsite

This is a tutorial on how to create a beautiful stylish wapka shoutbox and embed it to your wapka site.

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Follow the simple step below and you’re good to go.

  • Create a simple forum (i.e goto edit site -> forum -> use any name and choose simple forum not forum with theme) then note the forum ID
  • Add this code to wherever you want the shoutbox to appear, preperable, add it at the top auto content.

    P.S Change XXX in the code above to Your simple forum ID. If you’re viewing this blog via mobile phone, ignore “

    ” in the code above.
  • lastdon02

    Err wml code

    • collizo4sky

      whats the error message.

  • Trickyhack

    I am also getting error like this

    Syntax ERROR!
    Please EDIT or DELETE this WML/XHTML code.
    -unknown code style=

    • collizo4sky

      Am gona solve this issue once and for all.. Will add all code in an easy copy format soon.

  • Trickyhack

    Ok bro i am waiting and please give info in this comments also

  • topvibs

    hey i like the work u are doing,welldone but most stufs i need arent here nd most of u tip shows syntex error when i put them on my website pls correct those.

    • collizo4sky

      Am going to review all wapka tutorials posted so as to correct bugs.