Apple’s iPad Competitor Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is here!

Kindle fire HD released by Amazon is the most advanced tablet and a tough competitor to Apple’s ipad due to its amazing features and is also going to be the competitor for Surface RT tablet which is an upcoming Microsoft’s tablet. Some of the highlights of this new tablet that makes it stand unique among others are:

  1. Design: With its soft touch exterior users can easily use it and the complete design is more polished and svelte than its predecessor version. It is well balanced for one handed use and it measures 7.6 x 5.4 x 0.4 inches wide.
  2. 7 -inch display: It serves with large 7inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels; the display also features a fully customised laminated sensor and offers much less glare than ipad. It removes the air gap with the help of LCD and laminated touch sensor integration together in a single layer. It supports internal storage up to 16GB.
  3. Camera: It is outfitted with front face camera primarily reserved to use in video chatting.
  4. Dual core processor: It is powered with 1.2 GHz A9 processor with an internal memory of 1GB Ram.
  5. Multimedia: Kindle fire HD provides native app which removes the hassle of downloading separate app to watch videos, it provides flexibility in various department of multimedia.
  6. Longer battery life: The battery life in Kindle fire HD is adequate enough for whole day usage.
  7. Cloud storage: The tablet owner can purchase data plan of 12 month which offers 250 MB data per month, 20 GB free storage content on Amazon cloud storage. Customers will also be able to upgrade data up to 3GB or 5GB depending upon the plan; it also redefines storage with either 16GB or 32 GB
  8. Networking technologies: It offers many networking technologies which include Wi-Fi with 802.11n dual antenna, dual band, Bluetooth connectivity, offers volume buttons and micro HDMI.
  9. Games: It supports many graphical intensive games and also provides gyroscope for inbuilt apps and games. Whispersync stores various levels of games over from scratch which are unlocked in Amazon cloud, so you don’t have to reinstall the game every time you play. The InGame app records the levels you scored. Amazon’s developer’s offers free android games that are exclusive on Kindle.
  10. App: There are many kindle inbuilt apps that are available at your finger prints; the tablet also supports Facebook, Skype and Twitter.
  11. Video: Possess video out which is missing in Nexus 7, it is designed to watch videos, play games and read books. It allows you to create multiple profiles to adjust limits for the one who uses the device.
  12. Speakers: Unlike Apple’s ipad Nexus 7 which features a mono speaker, the Kindle fire offers stereo speakers that are significantly louder and better.

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