HOST1PLUS VPS Hosting Review

I recently received a virtual private server (VPS) for free from the fine folks at Host1Plus. Admittedly, I am impressed and pleased with their service. As a developer that pretty much knows his way around servers, it took me few minutes to install a LEMP stack and to migrate a web project of … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade XAMPP to a Newer Version

XAMPP is a popular PHP development environment for creating a local LAMP stack. In this succinct tutorial, I will show us how to upgrade XAMPP for Windows to a newer version in few steps. Firstly, download and install the latest version of XAMPP in a new installation folder. Say your … [Read more...]

HybridAuth Fix: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id

In a project I was working on this past weeks, I was tasked to integrate social network login functionality to the site. To reduce time required to implement the social login of each social networks, I opted to use HybridAuth - a PHP library that enable developers to easily build social … [Read more...]

Introduction to WordPress Theme Customization API

As a WordPress user, you'd already be familiar with the impressive features that the CMS brings along. Theme Customization API is one such feature that has taken the WordPress theme customization world by a wave. In this tutorial, you'll get to know about the utilization of WordPress Theme … [Read more...]

Setting Up Xdebug in XAMPP with PhpStorm

Xdebug is a PHP extension which provides debugging, profiling, code coverage, stack traces and many other capabilities. In this succinct tutorial, I will show us how to set up Xdebug that ships with XAMPP in PhpStorm. See the steps below. Open up php.ini (located at C:\path-to-xampp\php) … [Read more...]

Review of Codelobster PHP IDE

Codelobster primarily is a free, portable integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP. It also has support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some of the awesome features that make Codelobster tick includes: All code highlights depends on the code type, mixed code are also supported, … [Read more...]

Detect Visual and Text Mode in WordPress TinyMCE Editor

For reason(s) best known to you, you might want to check if WordPress TinyMCE Editor is in visual (rich text) or text mode. The variable is_tinymce_active returns true if TinyMCE is in visual mode and false otherwise. [javascript] var is_tinymce_active = (typeof tinyMCE != "undefined") … [Read more...]

Coverting Color Codes to RGB, RGBA, Hexadecimal Back and Forth

Admittedly, i have never love front-end stuff although am pretty good writing HTML(5) / CSS(3) and JavaScript codes. I stumbled on a cool form design few weeks ago and loved it. The color codes used for the CSS was in RGBA. The color combination where pretty amazing but i wanted to alter their … [Read more...]