How to Rename Existing WordPress Post Image Attachment URLs

In a previous post, I showed us how to move or rename a website to a new domain name / URL without any SEO loss but I missed something important - rename image URLs in existing posts and pages to point to the new domain.My blog images are stored in an Amazon s3 bucket with URL CNAMEd to … [Read more...]

WP Rocket – Last WordPress Cache Plugin You Will Ever Use

Like most website powered by WordPress, my blog also use a cache plugin. I have been using the WP Super Cache plugin since the inception of this blog and so far, it has served me well.A colleague at WPTuts+ informed me about the WP Rocket cache plugin and how it makes WordPress super-fast.I … [Read more...]

Quick Tip – Convert WordPress Post to Page, Custom Post-types & Vice-versa

This is a simple tip hence this article will be short and succinct.WordPress treats post and pages as the same - both are stored in the wp_posts table.The table column post_type is what distinguishes them.Posts have a post_type column value of post while Pages - page.To convert a … [Read more...]

How to Change WordPress to a New Domain without SEO loss

I recently changed, renamed or move my blog to a new domain. I was afraid my blog traffic and search engine ranking would be adversely affected by the domain name change. It's now over a week and so far, my blog SEO ranking and traffic wasn't affected.In this article, I will show us how to … [Read more...]

A look at Hooks in Genesis Framework

Hooks are provided by WordPress to allow your plugin or theme to 'hook into' the rest of WordPress. With hooks, you could execute code snippet in a given area of WordPress core in order to modify, change and remove certain operations in WordPress. There are two kinds of hooks: the Action and … [Read more...]

World Cup 2014 Match Fixtures WordPress Widget

While reading Hacker News, I stumbled upon an API for the World Cup that scrapes current match results and outputs match data as JSON.You can get the following World Cup data from this API:All match data, updated every minute Today’s matches Tomorrow’s matches Matches for any country … [Read more...]

How SEO Plugins are Built using WordPress Meta Boxes

This is a tutorial i wrote for Tuts+ Network One of the core feature provided by WordPress in extending its functionality is its Meta Box API. These meta boxes enable you to easily add additional data to your content. For example, the Post Tags meta box enables you set tags for your post.In … [Read more...]

WordPress Plugin – Alert Post is Old

While reading articles on websites i follow, I found out in one of the blog that when a post is over four years old, a notification stating that the post is old was displayed. A similar notification is also found in WordPress plugin directory when a plugin hasn't been updated in over two … [Read more...]