How To Control And Personalize Google Ads

Nowadays, it is near impossible for people to browse the Internet without seeing Google Ads A.K.A Google AdWords. either they are from websites monetizing their site with Google Adsense or when using Google products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, etc.
These Ads are either not of interest or interest-based.

While playing around my Google Account, i came across an Ads Settings page.
Ads Settings is a Google tool that helps you control the ads you see on Google services and on websites that partner with Google such as through Google’s Display Network. With it, you can customize or personalize the kind of Google Ads you wish to see when surfing the web.

Ads Settings can give you insight into what’s being used to show you ads, such as your demographic details and some of your interests.

You can block specific advertisers. Or, use Ads Settings to opt out of interest-based ads altogether. You’ll still see ads, but they won’t be interest-based.

Visit the Ads Settings page today and control the Ads you see on Google’s Display Network.

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  • RahulB

    can you please tell me how can I place google adsense ads on my site, I have applied to it but no response from 3 days

    • collizo4sky

      you need to get approved before you can place ad on it.

  • Yaszone

    collizo4sky you are the best webmaster….. i like your posts..!!…