How To Find Copyrighted And Royalty Free Images Using Google Advance Search

Most pictures and images found in the internet contain some sort of license on how it must be used.
Some images are copyrighted images and should not be re-use in another website other than the site of the author or owner.

In some cases, you need to contact the image owner and seek his/her consent before using it, or some licenses require that you give credit to the image creator when reusing an image.
There’s also a class of images called Royalty-free, or RF: this refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales.

With all this licenses and copyright law, it is always a daunting task looking for Copyright And Royalty free images on the internet.

Here is an easy method of finding copyright and license free images using Google Advance search.

  • Goto Google,com and input the search query of the image.
  • click the wrench at the top right corner and select the Advanced search wrence - advance Google image search
  • Scroll down to usage rights, click to reveal five image right option. Google image right options
    not filtered by license – this option disable the image filter by license.
    Free to use or share – your results will only include pages that are either labeled as public domain or carry a license that allows you to copy or redistribute its content, as long as the content remains unchanged.
    Free to use, share, or modify – your results will only include pages that are labeled with a license that allows you to copy, modify, or redistribute in ways specified in the license.
    If you want content for commercial use, be sure to select the appropriate option containing the term commercially.
  • Click on the Advance Search button to initiate the search.

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    This post was extremely helpful as i am a blogger too and use such images in my posts. Thanks for sharing