How To Create Shortlink With Your Domain Name / Subdomain To Syndicate Feeds On

I have been using DLVR to syndicate my blog feeds for quite sometime now, and so far, i have been please with their services particularly their free plan ‘cos they also have premium plans.
When they syndicate my blog post to various social media as specified by me on my dlvr dashboard, I discovered that the resultant shortlink/url shortener used is E.g . I wanted to create my own shortlink using a subdomain but didn’t have an idea on how to do this until i stumbled on the settings tab in the dashboard, which am going to share now.

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Creating your own DLVR shortlink or URL-shortener can be done in two ways – a new custom domain or subdomain.

Creating A Shortlink Via Subdomain

  1. Login to your cPanel via
  2. Navigate and click Simple DNS Zone Editor
    cPanel -  Simple DNS Zone Editor
  3. On the DNS zone editor page, follow the instruction on the image below and click Add CNAME Recordsetting up cnane record for subdomain shortlink

Creating Shortlink Via Custom Domain
You can use a new custom domain instead of using a subdomain.
Examples of website adopting this are:-

  1. The New York Times: ‘’
  2. ‘’
  3. Tech Crunch: ‘’

To achieve this, instead of adding a CNAME record, you add an A record.
On the Simple DNS zone editor page, add an A record as shown on the image below:
adding A record to DNS to setup Dlvr shortlink via custom domain

Now we need to park our subdomain or custom domain to our Dlvr dashboard.

  1. Login to Your dashboard and click on the settings bar.Setings tab in Dlvr dashboard
  2. Beneath the settings tab, click the shortlink tab, then + Add custom domain botton, fill the form as shown below and submit.
    adding subdomain or custom domain at dlvr dashboard

Congratulation! you’ve successfully created your own dlvr shortlink or url shortener. Test run it and see for yourself.

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