Displaying Friend Accepted Notification In Wapka site Activity stream or what’s on your mind page

We all know at facebook, when somebody accept a friend request, it display a notification on the activity stream that e.g “collins now friend with jeff”.
Am going to be tutoring us, how to implement this feature on wapka community site.

Follow the step below to add friend accepted notification to display in activity stream

  • Login to your site admin mode.
  • Navigate to your site top autocontent page i.e page with site-id “-1”
  • Add the below code to the page via click edit site -> XHTML/WML.

    Note: change A in the above code to the site ID of the page you going to create to add the code in below step.
  • Create a page (remember, this page you about to create is the page we assume to have site id A as explain above.) and add the low code.
  • NOTE: Change 0 in the above code to the site id u want it to redirect to after accepting friend request. Preferably, change it to the site id of the Activity stream page.

  • Tutorial Ended.

P.S If you are viewing this site on mobile device, ignore the

when copying the tutorial codes.

If you encounter a problem implementing this feature to your wapka site, or you have a contribution to make, use the comment form below.
We will love to hear from you.

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  • Yungdude

    Thankx for this share , its very useful…. Please how did you add that long dark line just by the side of the code you just posted????

    • http://wapden.net collizo4sky

      it just a simple css class.

      .quotez {
      border-left: 4px solid #AAAAAA;
      margin-bottom: 2px;
      margin-left: 4px;
      margin-top: 2px;
      padding: 2px 1px 2px 2px;

      Then wrap your text or word with <div class=”quote”>

  • Yungdude

    @collizo , thanks , where do i save the css code??? Or how do i use it?

    • http://wapden.net collizo4sky

      Add it to your site CSS stylesheet