How I Enabled cURL on My XAMPP Server

I fell in love with XAMPP ever since i started using it as my developmental server. My friends using Mac says MAMP claim it’s the best personal server around, but as a Windows OS freak, i have always love xampp though i have heard about some good review about it rival WAMP.
My love for xampp was threatened when i couldn’t get cURL to work.
after some search, i stumbled on this post on Apache Friends Support Forum.

Firstly, i had to look for the path where php.ini was loading from because others said theirs was from C:\%xamp_location%\apache\bin\php.ini using

Configuration File (php.ini) Path

From the image above, i could tell mine was loading from C:\xampp\php\php.ini.

Next, locate the php.ini file, search for ;extension=php_curl.dll and remove the leading semi-colon to become extension=php_curl.dll

Save and restart Apache.

To confirm if cURL has been enabled, run phpinfo() again, you should cURl support enabled.
cURL enabled - XAMPP

Additionally, aside cURL, to enable any other extension(s) on XAMPP, just un-comment the name.

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