My Favourite 5 Free FTP client software

FTP, an acronym for file transfer protocol is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. While FTP clients are software that provides an intuitive user-interface for manipulating the file transfer process, eliminating the use of command line interfaces (CLI).

FTP clients are used for publishing and maintaining websites; upload and download files such as documents, photos, videos, music; transfer or backup local and remote files.

There are so many good FTP clients littering the internet today, this make choosing a perfect and favourite one overwhelming. Here are my favourite five free FTP clients.

  1. FileZilla

    FileZilla FTP Client
    FileZilla is free open source and easy to use FTP software which runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X and many more operating systems. Aside FTP, it also supports FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
    Some great features of FileZilla includes: Drag & drop support, Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue, Available in many languages, Configurable transfer speed limits, Supports resume and transfer of large files and lots more.

  2. WinSCP

    WinSCP - Free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows
    WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality.

  3. Cyberduck

    Cyberduck - Libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3 & OpenStack Swift browser for Mac and Windows.
    Cyberduck is a free FTP client for Mac and Windows. It also support SFTP and SSH.
    With an easy to use interface, you can connect to SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer), WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files.

  4. Classic FTP

    Classic FTP File Transfer Software
    Classic FTP is a FTP and sFTP software that runs on both Windows and Apple Mac OS X.
    With this software, you can view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server (website) or network for free.

  5. FlashFXP

    FlashFXP - FTP, FTPS, SFTP client for Windows
    FlashFXP is yet another FTP, FTPS, SFTP client for Windows for secure, reliable, and efficient file transfers.


I have just listed my top five (5) favourite FTP client software and I hope you will find them useful.
Aside the ones listed above, what other FTP software do you use? We’ll love to hear it.
Let us know via the comment form.

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