5 Online Javascript Code Beautifier And Deobfuscator

If you are a javascript coder, you will agree with me that reading JS code that aren’t properly formatted or indented can be a pain in the ass. as a code wrangler i resorted to using online tools that auto-indent my pasted code. Just copy and paste your JavaScript into the text area and click the submit button. In a few moments your code is returned with new formatting.
Here are some website that offer free JavaScript code indentation.

  • Javascriptbeautifier.com

    JavaScript Beautifier reformats JavaScript source code to make it more readable. Code beautification involves parsing the JavaScript source code into component structures, such as assignment statements, if blocks, loops, etc., and formatting them in a proper manner. It is quick, easy and free!

  • Jsbeautifier.org

    This website helps Beautify, unpack or de-obfuscate not just JavaScript but also HTML code.

  • Jspretty.com

    It’s simple really, you can use this tool to uncompressed your JavaScript & jQuery code so that it is human readable again .

  • JS::Beautify

    JS::Beautify reformats and re-indents minified or poorly indented JavaScript to make it more easily readable and editable.

  • Javascriptformat.com

    Yet another online JavaScript formatter and beautifier

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