How to Disable Ads in uTorrent

Disable uTorrent ads

µTorrent (or uTorrent) is a free, ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client. It is arguably the most widely used BitTorrent client.A lot of torrent freaks and indeed internet users hate it when their favorites applications are laden with obtrusive ads.I know the ads are necessary to keep free applications such as uTorrent free; the ads often displayed are about games. since I'm not a gaming freak and i won't even click on the ads, why … [Continue reading]

How to Add Categories and Post Tags to WordPress Custom Post Type

Custom post type for WordPress

If you created a custom post type in WordPress and couldn't find the categories and post tags taxonomies, do not fret because the solution is easy.To add categories and post tags to a custom post type, include the taxonomies argument to register_post_type().[php] function post_type_init() { $args = array( 'public' => true, 'label' => 'Demos', 'taxonomies' => array('category', 'post_tag') // The real deal … [Continue reading]

Detect Visual and Text Mode in WordPress TinyMCE Editor

WordPress TinyMCE Editor

For reason(s) best known to you, you might want to check if WordPress TinyMCE Editor is in visual (rich text) or text mode.The variable is_tinymce_active returns true if TinyMCE is in visual mode and false otherwise.[javascript] var is_tinymce_active = (typeof tinyMCE != "undefined") && tinyMCE.activeEditor && !tinyMCE.activeEditor.isHidden(); [/javascript]Alternatively, simply check if tinymce is … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Disabled Delete Warning Dialog Box in Windows 8

Recycle Bin - select Properties

A little bit of info as to why am late to the Window 8 picture.I got for myself an Asus X551CA Windows 8 laptop (shameless affiliate link) earlier this year to replace my pretty old Lenovo laptop at home.I didn't immediately started using it; instead I kept it in a safe location pending when I would have the time to transfer my files and installed programs from the old PC to the new one.It dawn on me I won't ever have a free time; not … [Continue reading]

How to Force Firefox to Instantly Sync Your Browser

Firefox sync now

Firefox ships with a Sync service that synchronizes and save the following to its server - bookmarks, browser history, saved passwords, tabs, add-ons and preferences.The importance of a sync services such as Firefox sync cannot be over-emphasize in that they provide a central location for you to access your browser data from any device.I recently changed my windows laptop at home to Asus X551CA Windows 8 (affiliate link) laptop thus the … [Continue reading]

How to Write into a Read-Only File in Windows

Windows file properties

I downloaded a text (.txt) file some time ago. Each time I write into it and then try to save it, I am greeted with the following error.The file is set to read-only.Try again with a different file nameObviously (maybe not so obvious), the cause of the problem is - the file has a read-only property i.e. it can only be read but can't be written into.To make a "read-only" file writable, follow the short steps below.Navigate to … [Continue reading]

WordPress Filters Battle – authenticate vs wp_authenticate_user

WordPress Filters Battle - authenticate vs wp_authenticate_user

WordPress provide developers with lots of Action and Filter hooks for modifying, changing and remove certain operation / functionality in its core.These filters: authenticate and wp_authenticate_user are similar in that they can both be used to perform additional validation/authentication any time a user logs in to WordPress.The difference between them is: the former is triggered before WordPress validate the login form while the latter … [Continue reading]

Coverting Color Codes to RGB, RGBA, Hexadecimal Back and Forth

Coverting Colour Codes to RGB, RGBA, Hexadecimal Back and Forth

Admittedly, i have never love front-end stuff although am pretty good writing HTML(5) / CSS(3) and JavaScript codes.I stumbled on a cool form design few weeks ago and loved it. The color codes used for the CSS was in RGBA.The color combination where pretty amazing but i wanted to alter their opacity and transparency to suit my need.I have a local instance of a color picker that utilizes hexadecimal color. To be able to use it to alter … [Continue reading]