SQL Search & Replace: Rename Existing WordPress Post Image Attachment URLs

How to Rename Existing WordPress Post Image Attachment URLs

In a previous post, I showed us how to move or rename a website to a new domain name / URL without any SEO loss but I missed something important - rename image URLs in existing posts and pages to point to the new domain. My blog images are stored in an Amazon s3 bucket with URL CNAMEd to s3.tech4sky.com. After changing my blog to a new URL, I needed to rename the image URLs in existing blog posts to my new domain but that would be one hell … [Continue reading]

WP Rocket – Last WordPress Cache Plugin You Will Ever Use

WP Rocket - Cache Plugin for WordPress

Like most website powered by WordPress, my blog also use a cache plugin. I have been using the WP Super Cache plugin since the inception of this blog and so far, it has served me well. A colleague at WPTuts+ informed me about the WP Rocket cache plugin and how it makes WordPress super-fast. I really didn't want to ditch WP Super Cache because of it simplicity in setup unlike the big-guns such as W3 Total Cache with tons of configuration … [Continue reading]

How to Fix a Very Slow, Hanging or Freezing Windows 7 PC

Disable running applications on startup

I encountered a weird problem with my Windows 7 laptop few days ago. It suddenly refuses to boot and when it does boot, it becomes very slow and occasionally hangs or freeze. I took it to a local repairer and I was told the only solution was to format and reinstall a new Windows OS on the PC. I was sad and angry because if I decide to go that route, I will lose a lot of important files as I last backup months ago. I did some research on … [Continue reading]

Quick Tip – Convert WordPress Post to Page, Custom Post-types & Vice-versa

Quick Tip - Convert WordPress Post to Page & Vice-versa

This is a simple tip hence this article will be short and succinct. WordPress treats post and pages as the same - both are stored in the wp_posts table. The table column post_type is what distinguishes them. Posts have a post_type column value of post while Pages - page. To convert a post with say ID 73, run the SQL query below. [sql] UPDATE database_name.wp_posts SET post_type = 'page' WHERE wp_posts.ID = 73; [/sql] To … [Continue reading]

How to Setup PHP Code Sniffer in Phpstorm on a Windows Machine

Installing PEAR package manager

I have heard and read so many positive reviews on PhpStorm IDE in the past. I didn't bother giving it a try as I was a long time and satisfied user of Aptana Studio. I recently stopped using Aptana for PHP development because I got tired waiting for an update to support PHP 5.4 and later. At last, a chance to try out PhpStorm. So far, I am quite satisfied and happy with it hence I purchased an academic License to continue using it after the … [Continue reading]

How to Change WordPress to a New Domain without SEO loss

How to Change WordPress to a New Domain without SEO loss

I recently changed, renamed or move my blog to a new domain. I was afraid my blog traffic and search engine ranking would be adversely affected by the domain name change. It's now over a week and so far, my blog SEO ranking and traffic wasn't affected. In this article, I will show us how to change a WordPress powered site to a new domain without losing SEO. Before you begin the process of changing WordPress domain name, ensure the new … [Continue reading]

Why i Renamed my Blog to w3guy.com


I was a 17-year-old boy when I started blogging. I chose the domain name Tech4sky.com for this blog because i wanted to write about all things technology. Tech - Technology. 4sky - Derived from my nickname collizo4sky from secondary school (high-school). As God would have it, my focus shifted to web development and programming hence a need for a change of name. My blog articles are web development related except for a few reviews on … [Continue reading]

Client-Side Form Validation with HTML5

When building web applications, it is important you take security seriously, especially when it has to do with collecting data from users. It is a common maxim in security to trust nobody, hence never trust the user to enter correct or valid form values. For example, in an email form field, instead of entering a valid email address, the user might enter an invalid one or malicious data obviously ignoring the intent of the request. When it … [Continue reading]