Top 100 Web Design & Development Websites To Follow In 2014 [Infographic]

Top design website to follow in 2014

The Artfulclub team did an infographic on Top 100 design and development blogs to follow in 2014 and my humble blog was placed 14th.Below is the infographic. view and enjoy! … [Continue reading]

Quicken DNS Propagation for faster Website Migration

cPanel's DNS Zone File Records

When migrating a website to a new server, the domain nameserver record need to be updated to the new web server DNS record. The period of time it takes for the nameservers change (domain propagation) to take effect is proportional to the DNS TTL value.What is DNS TTL In computing, Time to live (TTL) defines the lifespan or lifetime of data in a computer or network. It's sort of like a caching mechanism.DNS TTL dictates how long it will … [Continue reading]

Building a Contact Form to Demonstrate PHP Form Validation using Array

Contact form validation in action

A lot of us come across forms of different types as we surf the internet such as registration, login, contact and survey forms. In these forms are rules that the user must conform to in order to successfully submit the form. In the event that the user enters an invalid value(s) to the form field, the website will validate the entered data. If deem valid, the data will be sent to the server for processing otherwise, the data get rejected and … [Continue reading]

MEDIA TEMPLE World Cup Promo – 93% off Hosting

Media Temple, one of the top, finest and reliable web hosting company trusted by brands such as jQuery, Samsung and a host of Design, Creative and Development website are doing a WORLD CUP special promo.They are offering new customers up to 93% off their first month of premium web hosting valid for the next 2 days only.Use promo code WC2014 at checkout and get:Grid for $2.14 Premium WordPress for $2.14 DV (up to Level 2) for … [Continue reading]

WordPress Plugin – Alert Post is Old

When a post is old, a notification is displayed to that effect

While reading articles on websites i follow, I found out in one of the blog that when a post is over four years old, a notification stating that the post is old was displayed. A similar notification is also found in WordPress plugin directory when a plugin hasn't been updated in over two years.I wrote a WordPress plugin called Alert Post is Old that displays a similar notification when a post is over X-years old where "X" is an integer that … [Continue reading]

Creating Widgets in WordPress via the Widgets API

Hello World Widget back-end form

One of the features of WordPress is the Widgets. They are used in displaying data or information provided by plugins and themes.Every WordPress install is bundled with a number of default Widgets such as Pages (A list of your site’s Pages), Search (A search form for your site), Archives (A monthly archive of your site’s posts), Calendar, and Text etc.In this tutorial, I will show us how Widgets in WordPress are developed. To keep things … [Continue reading]

How To Build a Social Media Profile Widget in WordPress

How To Build a Social Media Profile Widget in WordPress

One of the core features of WordPress is widget areas, which are used to add content to theme sidebars or other widgetized areas. Activating a widget in your theme sidebar is as easy as dragging and dropping the widget in the desired widgetized area.Many of today’s websites contain social network icons that link to profiles. This can accomplish in WordPress using widgets. I wrote a tutorial over at Designmodo on how to build a profile widget … [Continue reading]

WordPress Backups with Backup Scheduler Plugin

WordPress backup Plugin

In a previous article, I wrote on a list of free WordPress backup plugins. Included in the list is Backup Scheduler - my favorite backup plugin which I personally use in taking backup of my WordPress blog.Few weeks ago, I wrote a tutorial at on how the plugin works (i.e. backing up WordPress) and how to restore the backup when your website goes awry.Read the full article => WordPress Backups with Backup SchedulerTaking … [Continue reading]