How to Spoof, Hide, or Remove HTTP Referer

No HTTP referer header sent

When an HTML link that reference a website is clicked, the web browser will send a request to the server holding the destination webpage / website. Among the request sent by the browser to the referenced website server is the HTTP Referer which indicate the URL of the webpage that refered the user to the site.Say links to, the HTTP referer is the former because it refered the user to the latter. Below is a screenshot … [Continue reading]

Giveaway #2 – Jump Start HTML5 Book

Jump Start HTML5

Hi esteem readers of Tech4sky blog, welcome to our second giveaway contest.I will be giving out free eBook copy of Sitepoint's Jump Start HTML5 to three (3) lucky people, written by Tiffany Brown, Kerry Butters, and Sandeep Panda.This short book provides a practical introduction to HTML5. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the predominant language of web pages. Originally developed as a way to describe and share scientific papers, HTML is … [Continue reading]

Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing to for Programmers, SysAdmins, Web Designers & Developers

List of Email Newsletters For Programmers, SysAdmins, Web Designers & Developers

As programmers, we barely have all the time in the world to ourselves as time tend to move very fast when coding. It is very important we stay updated with latest technology, news and tools that could be of immense benefit to us. Due to time constraint, that could nearly be impossible as the time just isn't available and if false, not enough. but all that could be changed thanks to Email Newsletter. No longer will you have to scour through … [Continue reading]

Fix to SQLite 3 – General error: 25 bind or column index out of range

PHP - Make URLs and Twitter Usernames in Text Links

Few days ago, I decided to build my own minimalistic Feed reader using SQLite3 for the backend and SimplePie - a very fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP.Note: I am using PDO as my database abstraction layer.I wrote the PHP class to connect to the SQLite database and a method that contains the SQL query that will insert records to the DB. When I check to ensure the code wasn't going awry, it indeed was as I got this error … [Continue reading]

Adding Facebook Social Plugins to WordPress the Geeky Way

Adding Facebook Social Plugin to WordPress the Geeky Way

The Facebook Send Button is one social network plugin I can't do without. Since ditching Hootsuite, I have been using it, to send / share my blog content to numerous number of friends in a Facebook message, to email addresses, and to the various Facebook group just with a click away.Unlike the Like button, the send button can't auto-detect the current URL of a webpage, i.e. you need to specify an absolute URL of the page that will be … [Continue reading]

How i Killed my Reddit Addiction and became more Productive

How i Reduced my Reddit Addiction and became more Productive

While surfing the internet few days ago, I stumbled on an intuitive web app hosted on App engine that converts the top post of the week of a given Reddit's subreddit to RSS feed.For example, to subscribe to the RSS feed of the top post of the week in r/PHP, the feed URL becomes was a Reddit addict. I often found myself spending hours reading submitted articles of interest thus making me … [Continue reading]

Altering WordPress Feed’s Cache Lifetime with ‘wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime’ filter

Dummy WordPress Plugin for Executing Code Snippet - The way to go

It a well-known fact that when you publish an article not just in WordPress but also in most blogging platforms and CMS, the feed get updated automatically with the article. But do you know editing an already published article doesn't auto-update the feed?By default, WordPress cache feed or rather the cached feed has a lifetime of 43200 seconds, equivalent to 12 hours. There isn't an option to purge the cached feed.Say, you published an … [Continue reading]

How to fix SimplePie’s – Warning: cache is not writeable

How to fix SimplePie's - Warning: cache is not writeable

Few weeks ago, I wrote a WordPress plugin that displays recently published articles queried from WordPress feed using SimplePie (Yet to be released).Wondering what Simple is? Well it is a free, fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP that handles all of the dirty work when it comes to fetching, caching, parsing, and sanitizing the resulting data.After I had finished writing the plugin, I tested to confirm if it was working … [Continue reading]