How To Set Welcome Message & Send Messages To All Members In WAPKA

For those of you who are new to wapka, wapka is a wapbuilder you can easily use to build your own simple and dynamic wapsite using your mobile phones or PC.
In today wapka tutorial, am going to be showing you:-

  • How you canWelcome Message i.e when a user register in your wap site, they automatically receive a welcome message.
  • How you can conveniently and easily send messages to all your site members with just a click.

How To Set Welcome Message

  • Login to your wapka “ADMIN PANEL” and head over to Edit site -> User -> Welcome messages
  • Check the Enable welcome private message:; at the Sender Name, use Administrator or any name of your choice; Message subject should be like, WELCOME TO YOURSITE NAME; Then in Text of message, write your desired welcome message.

How To Send Messages To All Users

Still in your “ADMIN PANEL” and head over to Edit site -> User -> Info messages, feel the appropriate message form and hit the SEND button.

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