How to Create 301 / 302 Redirect via cPanel

Let's say you changed your website domain name from to, and you redirected the initial to the latter domain, that is termed Redirect.Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. This way you can make a webpage … [Read more...]

How To Edit Cloudflare Setup After Changing Web host

CloudFlare is a content delivery network and distributed domain name server service marketed as improving website performance and speed and providing security. the primary reasons i love it is, it has feature-rich free service and protection against DDoS attack.After moving this blog to a new … [Read more...]

Display Hidden Files On cPanel File Manager

Virtually all shared web hosting providers have cPanel for users to manage and control their websites hosted on it server. cPanel comes with an in-built filemanager. by default the cPanel file manager hides file beginning with dot(.) a popular example, is the .htaccess.To make hidden files … [Read more...]

How To Host Multiple Website On A Shared Web Hosting

If you own a shared web hosting and looking to host more than one website with each site having its own top-level domain, then this tutorial is for you. Before you can host multiple website, you first need to see if your host has given your hosting account an allocated number of Addon domain. to … [Read more...]

Adding a CNAME and A Record On Shared Hosting Via cPanel

When i was a newbie in web development, i encountered a problem adding an A Record and CNAME Record to my domain. I am writing this blog post for the sake of those who may not know how to do this. If you are on a shared web host, follow the steps outlined below to know how to do it using … [Read more...]