*SHARED* My Wapka Forum Stylish Design

I have always reiterated that wapka is the best website builder to build and design mobile wapsite. One of the problem newbie wapka webmaster face is creating and styling a wapka forum. Am not going to explain the various wapka tag use in creating the forum (that could be for another day). Am only … [Read more...]

Notification On Activity Stream When User Login To Your Wapka Site

I earlier wrote a tutorial on how to create a facebook-like activity stream on your wapka powered wapsite which was coded using wapka blog function. Today, am going to show you how to code a feature where by a notification will be posted in your wapsite activity stream or what's on your mind page … [Read more...]

How To Set Welcome Message & Send Messages To All Members In WAPKA

For those of you who are new to wapka, wapka is a wapbuilder you can easily use to build your own simple and dynamic wapsite using your mobile phones or PC. In today wapka tutorial, am going to be showing you:- How you canWelcome Message i.e when a user register in your wap site, they automatically … [Read more...]

Top 7 Free Mobile Wapsite Builders

I have always been a mobile wapsite freak, in fact i started my journey of been a web-developer from building mobile wapsites. Today, am going to list seven(7) out of the world best wapsite builder, the list below is subject to debate :D1. WAPKA.MOBI I thimk wapka is the best mobile wapsite … [Read more...]

How To Create A Facebook-like Profile Page In Wapka

Am going to be giving a tutorial on how to create a Facebook-like profile page code in wapka community site. with this, you no longer depend on the ugly wapka default profile. Follow the steps below carefully.create six(6) new pages with "A-F" as their respective site ID. Set A as top … [Read more...]

How To Add Random Text Or Image Advert Using Wapka Random Tag

This is a short tutorial on how to add random text or image advert using wapka random tag. The content or advert will change each time the page is reloaded. The wapka tag for random content is denoted by :rand-beg:CONTENT TO BE ROTATED:rand:CONTENT TO BE ROTATED:rand-end:Must Read Adding … [Read more...]

Adding Quiz Feature To Wapka Community Wapsite

Without doubt, wapka is one of the best wapsite builder today. It filled with exciting widget and feature to help enhance your site fuctionality. Today, am going to share How you can add a Quiz Contest Game To You wapka site. How Does This Quiz Work? This Quiz feature ask users of your wapka site … [Read more...]

Displaying Friend Accepted Notification In Wapka site Activity stream or what’s on your mind page

We all know at facebook, when somebody accept a friend request, it display a notification on the activity stream that e.g "collins now friend with jeff". Am going to be tutoring us, how to implement this feature on wapka community site.Follow the step below to add friend accepted notification … [Read more...]