How to Manage and Batch Install Your WordPress Plugins

This is an article i wrote for SitePoint According to Forbes, over 60 million websites globally are powered by WordPress. Numbers like this show that WordPress is no doubt a leading contender when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS). The application of WordPress has gone past just a … [Read more...]

WordPress Plugin Subversion Error – PUT of ‘/!svn/txr/

WordPress uses Subversion, an open source version control system for hosting and tracking plugins on it plugin repository. While building my first plugin, I encounter this particular subversion error each time I try to commit my code. PUT of … [Read more...]

*UPDATED* Simple Feed Customizer WordPress Plugin

Hello my Distinguish readers, I am quite excited this day because I just release my first ever WordPress plugin called Simple Feed Customizer. A year ago, I had a big fight with a scraper website that was stealing my articles. Whenever an article is published here, the scraper site will also … [Read more...]

How To Make WordPress Sidebar Widget Fixed

Going through list of plugins not active on my blog, I saw the Q2W3 Fixed Widget. I remember some time ago, I wanted to make a particular sidebar widget fixed when the page is scrolled down. After some googling, I finally settled for this plugin. This plugin adds a Fixed widget checkbox at the … [Read more...]

How To Run PHP Code In Post, Page And Sidebars Widget via Plugins

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Top 6 WordPress Plugin To Stop Spam/BOT Registration

Wordpress without doubt is the best blogging platform. If you running a multi authored blog, and you set your blog registration to open, there are chances you will be haunted by spammer and BOTS registering on your blog which is very annoying. My Ordeal As a newbie to WordPress, i had challenges … [Read more...]

Top Six(6) Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Wordpress without doubt is one of the best if not the best content management system(CMS) in the world today. Aside the fact that it very SEO friendly, it may be susceptible to some unscrupulous activities such as hacking, brute force, sql injection. It is only wise as a WordPress geek to have a … [Read more...]