6+ Tools To Check If Website Is Down For Everyone Or Just You

At some point in our web surfing journey, there comes a time we have a problem accessing a website probably the site is down. but sometimes it get awkward and frustrating when after a huge chunk of time has elapse, you discovered actually the website was up and it was only you experiencing the downtime.
I did some digging and i discovered some free tools to help check if you are the only one experience website downtime or everybody else.

  1. isitdownorjust.me

    Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up?
    This is a simple yet powerful web service tool to check if a website is down for everybody or just you.
    All you need to do is, enter the downtime website and hit enter.
    it is also accessible via Isup.me

  2. Downorisitjustme.com

    Is my website up? Is my website down? Website Server Checker
    Here is an easy way to check if a website is down. Simply type in your domain name and click –
    is it down or is it just you?

  3. Checksite.us

    CheckSite.us - Check to see if a website is down for you or for everyone
    CheckSite.us is a simple service that allows a user to check to see if a site is actually down, or if it is just the user’s machine or network. If you are experiencing problems accessing a specific website, simply enter the website’s URL in the form above, and CheckSite.us will attempt to access the URL provided and report back on whether it was able to access the website or not.
    Unlike other similar services, this service allows you to enter a domain (i.e. checksite.us), a full length URL (i.e. checksite.us/test.htm), or a domain with a specific port (i.e. checksite.us:2082). We also allow IP addresses to be used in place of a domain name (i.e.

  4. Computer Hope – isitup

    Computer Hope - isitup
    This is another web tool to check if a site is down only at your end. just run a test on the website you are having downtime on, if the tool say the website is up, it means you are the only one experiencing the downtime.

  5. Isitdown.us

    Is it Down fro USA?
    This check website status from the United States based server, you can confirm if a website is down or have any error.

  6. Isitdown.co.uk

    Is it down – United Kingdom can check if a website is down or is it just your PC that can not access it. There can be cases where your PC (or MAC, Laptop, Mobile, Netbook or whatever) is having network issues (ISP related) or the access to certain website is blocked on your machine. Idea is simple.

  7. Sitedownorup.com

    Check If Website Is Down or Up | Check Your Website

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    Wow! Definitely great, am checking my site downtime right now using the checkSite.us