Website Development with PyroCMS – Book Review

As a PHP developer, I have come to love the Codeigniter and Laravel PHP framework. Not only are they easy to learn, they follow the popular MVC programming architecture.

I have always maintained that WordPress is a blogging platform rather than a full-blown cms it is trying to become. Extending WordPress is pain in the ass and in my opinion it is not very developer friendly.
In the past, I did a search for list CMS built on Codeigniter which led me to PyroCMS, a simple, fast, flexible, community driven Content Management System. I love PyroCMS and I know you will when start using it.

I receive an e-copy of Website Development with PyroCMS from Packtpub earlier this week. A practical and a fast-paced guide that gives you all the information you need to start developing websites with PyroCMS. The book is an excellent resource for developers and makes website development easy and financially viable for everyone. After going through the book, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn PyroCMS.

Website Development with PyroCMS Book

What you will learn from this book
  • Create and build a variety of websites and web-enabled applications
  • Build a front-end theme for PyroCMS
  • Understand how to use Tags in the system
  • Employ the streams module to manage data in PyroCMS
  • Establish system add-ons
  • Develop custom page types in PyroCMS
  • Display stream data in your theme

If you are a PHP developer or web designer looking to learn PyroCMS, Grab a copy of Website Development with PyroCMS.

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