Getting 2Checkout to Play Nice With CloudFlare

We use 2Checkout as payment gateway for selling our premium ProfilePress WordPress plugin.

When an order is made via 2co, it passes through their fraud review system and subsequently, a POST request is sent to a provided notification URL when the order passes the fraud review. It is this POST request our system will decipher to finally complete the order.

On setting up CloudFlare at, orders weren’t getting marked as complete because cloudflare was blocking the request.

It took us days to finally realize CloudFlare was the cause of the problem.

If you’ve cloudflare activated for your store / shop website and 2Checkout instant notification (INS) keeps failing, simply create a Cloudflare page rule excluding your INS “fraud status changed” URL from browser integrity check. See the guide below.

* Login to your cloudflare account.

* In your website dashboard, click the Page Rules navigation menu.

* Say your 2Checkout INS URL is, create a page rule for it turning off Browser Integrity Check. See image below.

Setting up page rule in CloudFlare


If you use a payment processor or payment service provider other than 2Checkout say PayPal and the IPN (instant payment notification) HTTP request is not going through, the guide above might be the solution to your problem.

Have any question or contribution? I will love to hear them in the comments.

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