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Sponsored Posts – $200

I receive a lot of emails everyday from business owners, WordPress product owners, mobile and web application developers, SaaS startups, asking me to cover the launch of their new application, product, plugin, theme or service. It is impossible for me to keep up with everything, so i am offering the sponsored post service for those of you who already have an article ready and want to reach thousands of targeted programming, WordPress, web design and development users through my blog.

All I require is that you prepare an original unique article yourself and also submit any relevant images. Minimum length is 800 words. Of course, I always need to go through the article and approve it, the post must ultimately be of benefit to my readers and so I make sure that your product or service is of excellent quality.

Sponsored posts on my blog will remain forever.

Review Posts – $300

Want an awesome review? I will give an honest review of your product and or service with a minimum of 800 words.

Review posts on my blog will remain forever.

For me to conduct a review of your product or service, you naturally need to supply a copy to test.

Giveaways – $99

Giveaways are a great way to give something back while also attracting a high degree of interest in your service or product.

They always generate a lot of interest, making them a win-win for all the parties involved.

I use Rafflecopter to run the giveaways, and I can include actions tied to each entry such as liking your page on Facebook or tweeting about you, giving you another boost.

I will also place a sidebar banner of your product and service for one week.

Ad Slots – $300

All ad slots are above the fold for better CTR and impressions. These are premium placements for serious advertisers only.

336×280 – right sidebar – $300 per month (2x available)

I also offer sidebar ads of any size though 336×280 is the recommended size.

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