Dealing With “Detached HEAD” State in Git


When you pull in branches from your repository remote or upstream by running say git pull origin master (to pull changes from origin master branch) or git pull upstream non-breaking-space to pull in non-breaking-space branch from upstream; checking out any of these remote branch (e.g.…

WordPress Customizer – Range Control with Selected Value Indicator

WordPress Customizer

The WordPress customizer, formerly know as theme customizer allows administrator(s) and/or owner to customize and control the appearance of their WordPress powered website via an intuitive, click-and-drag interface.

The Customization API allows theme and plugin developers to customize and add controls to the “Appearance” → “Customize” admin screen.

In this tutorial, I won’t go over the steps on how to leverage or integrate customizer in your theme or plugin.…

Git: Merge a Specific Commit From One Branch to Another


While working on one of my side projects version controlled by Git, I needed to copy and merge a commit from say BranchB to BranchA. Scenarios like this is where git cherry-pick comes in handy.

A cherry-pick is like a rebase for a single commit. It takes the patch that was introduced in a commit and tries to reapply it on the branch you’re currently on.…

How to Fix SVN Error “The HTTP method ‘MKCOL’ is not allowed on …”

SVN logo

I ran into the following error while trying to svn commit the code of this plugin to WordPress plugin repository.

The HTTP method ‘MKCOL’ is not allowed on …

Got to discover via this stackoverflow thread that the error was as a result of me trying to add or push a directory that already existed in the SVN repository.


Git F*cking Push Everything


Call me lazy, a retard or whatever name you like, i f*cking don’t care.

I got tired of f*cking typing the following f*cking separate commands in order to push a commits and tags to remote.

Don’t f*cking bother telling me it can be f*cking simplified to one f*cking command git push && git push --tags

I decided to put an end to it today by putting my Google-fu skill to action and as always, ended up on StackOverflow.…