Adding Footer Widget To Genesis Made Easy

Hi, i will like to share with you how you can add a footer widget to genesis child theme.
Recently, i was building a freelance article blog, then i decide to use genesis freelance child theme, though i love the theme, i was worried because there isn’t a footer widget and i don’t want to discard it.…

How To Create A Nokia s40 Web App For Your Blog

Take screenshot of Nokia Mobile device

Recently, i stumbled upon a website where you can create a s40 web app for your blog. The website utilises your blog feed to create the web application.
According to a unreliable source, 30% of the world population uses nokia s40 phones. This is a perfect opportunity for you to have a s40 app without you doing any coding work.
How do i create a s40 web app?

Relative URL vs Absolute URL – An Explanatory Guide

Relative URL vs Absolute URL - An Explanatory Guide

The debate about the superiority of relative URL and absolute URL seem far from being ended. It a debate that has been on-going for years now and i would like to talk about it again.
First off, let’s take a look at the definition of both term.

  • Absolute URLs

    These are URLs that contain both the domain name and directory/page path.

Rss Feed Syndication – Introduction, Importance And Setup Guide

To most people, rss feed syndication is not new, but for the purpose of those who may not have an idea of it, am going to try and explain it comprehensively.

What Is Rss Feed Syndication?

This is a process by which website content or article is made available to multi other sites in other to provide other interested people with the summary or update of the website’s recently added content.…

Introduction And Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) For Beginners

Introduction, definition and importance of Search engine optimization(seo) to beginers

Most people uses the internet to make researches using search engines. Example of search engines are,, etc.
When using these search engines, one would observe that, whenever you enter a search query in a search engine, you get related result as regard the quaried word(s). Don’t forget that we tend to visit the website listed on the first page of the search result.…

Six(6) Must Have Free Christmas WordPress Plugins

christmas wordpress plugin

The christmas season is around the corner, and as a blogger using the wordpress blogging platform, it might be important you add a flair of the christmas season to your wordpress weblog.
In respect of this, am sharing Top Ten(10) Free Christmas WordPress Plugins that will help you achieve this cause.

1. Christmas Countdown Clock

Christmas Countdown Clock This Christmas plugin add a countdown clock showing days and hours until Christmas day in your blog.…