Best WordPress PayPal Plugins to Accept Payments

Do you want to accept online payments for your WordPress website?

Look no further than PayPal. It’s a reliable and convenient way for businesses and customers to process payments, whether you’re selling physical goods, digital products, or services.

PayPal handles everything from card processing to security and PCI compliance, so you can focus on your business.

To integrate PayPal into your WordPress site, consider using one of the many PayPal plugins available.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best WordPress PayPal plugins for accepting payments.

What is a PayPal plugin for WordPress?

If you have a website built on WordPress and want to integrate PayPal payments, a PayPal plugin can help with that.

It simplifies the process of connecting your website to your PayPal account, allowing for quick and efficient payment processing.

Typically, a WordPress PayPal plugin offers a variety of features, such as payment collection forms, payment buttons, shopping carts, and express checkout solutions.

More advanced plugins may also include tax and shipping calculation, content access control, and integration with other payment gateways, giving you more flexibility and customization options for your payment systems.

Best WordPress PayPal Plugins to Accept Payments

1. ProfilePress

ProfilePress is a fantastic membership plugin for WordPress that is both user-friendly and highly customizable.

With ProfilePress, you can easily sell digital and physical products, create personalized forms, and control access to your pages, posts, and other website content.

The plugin offers a drag-and-drop form builder that lets you create custom registration and login forms. It also includes pre-built form templates to speed up your form creation process.

Additionally, it enables you to create different membership levels and decide who can access your content based on their membership level.

ProfilePress features a built-in PayPal integration, allowing you to accept one-time and recurring payments from your customers easily.

You can also quickly refund a customer from your WordPress dashboard should the need arise.

Thanks to the ProfilePress PayPal addon, you can start accepting PayPal payments on your WordPress site quickly. Once you activate the PayPal addon, all you need to do is fill out your PayPal details.

Price: The PayPal addon is included in ProfilePress Pro and above plans, starting from $99/year.

2. Easy Accept Payments for PayPal

Easy Accept Payments for PayPal plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to accept PayPal payments for your products and services. It also allows you to accept donations through PayPal.

This plugin works with shortcodes and a sidebar widget. The shortcode can be placed anywhere on your website, such as posts, pages, sidebar, and more. Easy Accept Payments for PayPal plugin supports multiple currencies, and the shortcode is highly customizable.

Once you install and activate the plugin, go to the settings page and configure the available options, such as your PayPal email and subject text. You can then add the plugin shortcodes to your posts or pages, and a PayPal payment button will appear there.

This plugin does not provide a shopping cart or eCommerce functionality, it only offers a simple way to place a PayPal payment button using customizable shortcodes.

Price: Free

3. Payment Button for PayPal

The Payment Button for PayPal plugin enables you to effortlessly create buttons by using shortcodes.

You can create a variety of buttons such as Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donate, or Subscription buttons.

As a website owner, you will find the plugin’s features quite useful. It allows you to receive both one-time payments and recurring subscription payments and manage orders received through your PayPal buttons from your WordPress dashboard.

After installing the plugin, access the settings by going to “WP PayPal -> Settings” and configure the available options, including your PayPal email and merchant ID.

The plugin operates on shortcodes, which can be customized to your preferences and placed anywhere on your website.

Price: Free

4. Donations via PayPal 

Donations via PayPal is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a PayPal donation button to your WordPress website via a shortcode and sidebar widget.

This plugin has a settings page that allows you to set your preferred currency, Donation button, Return page, custom button, preferred language, and more.

It also has a customizable shortcode with an additional parameter that allows you to modify the looks and behavior of your PayPal payment buttons.

You can install Donations via PayPal from your dashboard and activate it. Next, navigate to the “PayPal Donations” menu link from your dashboard settings menu. You will be presented with a configurations page where you can connect your PayPal account and also modify the plugin’s default settings.

Price: Free

5. Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

Sell your products and services on your WordPress site with ease using the Easy PayPal Shopping Cart plugin.

With the plugin, you can add an Add to Cart button and a View Cart button to your website to make it easy for your customers to purchase from you.

Simply use the button inserter feature to create the cart button by entering the item name, price, etc.

You can choose from two different PayPal button styles and configure redirect URLs.

To get started, install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, and connect your PayPal account to the plugin settings page.

The plugin also provides documentation on how to set up a PayPal sandbox account, which allows you to perform mock PayPal payments on your site.

Price: Free for basic features. Pro versions are available starting at $29.99/year.

6. Easy PayPal Events

Easy PayPal Events is a convenient plugin for WordPress that enables you to sell e-tickets for events on your website.

With this plugin, you can automate the ticket-selling process on your website through PayPal’s payment gateway.

Once a customer buys a ticket, they will receive an e-ticket with a QR code via email.

Additionally, the plugin features a shortcode inserter that makes it easy for you to add PayPal buttons to your posts and pages.

It supports up to 25 currencies, PayPal sandbox, multiple button designs, and other useful features.

Price: Free for basic features. Pro versions are available starting at $29.99/year.

7. Quick PayPal Payments

With the Quick PayPal Payments (QPP) plugin, you can easily receive PayPal payments through forms on any page of your WordPress website using shortcodes.

QPP stands out from other PayPal plugins because it allows your customers to input their reference or invoice number and payment amount before submitting it to PayPal, making it convenient for those collecting variable payments.

Additionally, QPP includes features such as compatibility with all PayPal-approved currencies, options for fixed or variable payments, downloadable payment records, instant notifications, and more.

Installing and activating the plugin is simple through your WordPress dashboard.

Once installed, visit the plugin settings page to connect your PayPal account and customize the available options, including labels, styles, colors, and more.

Price: Free for basic features. Pro versions are available starting at $14.99/year.

But What is the Best PayPal Plugin for WordPress?

In this article, I have carefully reviewed all the PayPal plugins and concluded that ProfilePress is the top-rated WordPress PayPal plugin.

Compared to other PayPal plugins, ProfilePress is more robust, user-friendly, and flexible. This plugin is not only limited to PayPal, but it also offers a range of useful features that eliminate the need for multiple plugin installations.

With ProfilePress, you can enjoy the convenience of having one plugin that performs the functions of ten plugins.

It includes features such as membership plans, social login, multiple payment gateways (Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, etc.), eCommerce integrations, user profiles and forms, content access control, members directory, and more.

Overall, ProfilePress is a powerful plugin, and I am confident that it is the best PayPal plugin for WordPress.

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