Bookmarks Getting Deleted In Opera Mini Mobile Browser? – A Simple Fix

I have been using Java phones for a long time now. My first ever phone was a Sony Ericsson w880i followed by Nokia 3120c with Opera Mini as my favorite mobile browser after the demise of Bolt browser.

One problem i always encounter with Opera-mini browser is, my bookmarks often time mysteriously getting deleted after saving / storing lots of bookmarks.

At first, i thought my phone has a problem, until i saw a friend experiencing same problem. Even after moving from Sony Ericsson w880i to Nokia, the same problem still rose up it ugly head.

How To Fix Opera Mini Bookmark Auto Deletion

The solution to stop your bookmarks from getting deleted is for you to register and set up links and bookmark synchronization.

Follow the simple step to enable syncing of bookmarks and speed dial.

  • If you are using Opera Mini 4.x, click the Synchronize Opera… link, login to MyOpera Link or register if you don’t have an account.

    If you’re using opera 5 and above, navigate to Menu -> Settings.
    In the settings page, switch ON Opera Link and login or register if you don’t have an account.

  • Now that syncing is enabled, all your bookmarks are now safely stored in Opera Links. whenever you add a new bookmark or delete a bookmark, it also added or removed in the Opera Links website.

With the syncing enabled, you won’t have to worry about bookmarks getting mysteriously deleted 😀

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