PHP Script for Hiding “HTTP Referer” Header

Hide HTTP Referer Header Script

In my previous post, i showed us what HTTP referer are, how to spoof & remove it from the list of Request Header sent to a web server and reasons why you might want to remove it.…

SEO Tips For Better Website Optimization

SEO Tips For Better Website Optimisation

To make a success of your online business it is essential that you use apply some search engine optimization tips. The whole idea is to increase visibility and traffic to your website.
The thumb rules for a website’s optimization are:

  • The better the content the more the visitors

    The content has to be in-depth, exclusive and to the point. It has to be periodically updated to improve ranking.

How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

Adsense is a Google Ad Service where one can earn money with it via clicks and impressions generated from your website.
Google Adsense has an automated mechanism they use in detecting website that disable their policies.

If found guilty by Adsense, Ads will stop displaying on your website and you either get suspended or banned from the program. if you were suspended, you will be given an option to appeal their decision.…

Getting Good With MicroData

Resources On Getting Good With MicroData

In early June 2011, the three big search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo! introduced, a collection of terms that webmasters can use to markup their pages to improve the display of search results.
In one of my earlier blog post on inserting microdata markup in WordPress, i introduced what schema is all about and how you can implement it on WordPress CMS , i urge you to read it to get a grasp of what we are talking about.…

Download Official Google Search Engine Optimization Ebook

Download Official Google Search Engine Optimization Ebook

The importance of optimising our website for search engines cannot be over-emphasized. search engines are great place to get targeted traffic from.
For those of you new to SEO, you will find this ebook handy. i discovered this e-book while reading a post from Google official website.

Other Search Engine Optimisation tips from Tech4sky

How To Insert Microdata Into WordPress Pages and Posts

tech4sky blogpost with review markup is a collaboration by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! to improve the web by creating a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on webpages and provide richer results. A shared markup vocabulary makes it easier for webmasters to decide on a markup schema and get maximum benefit for their efforts.…