How To Create A Simple Download Portal via wapka

Creating a simple download portal via site builder is quite easy to accomplish, follow this tutorial carefully and you step away in owning a download portal powered by wapka. Note that this tutorial does not include CSS stylesheet/design for the wapsite.

  1. Register an account at, with your site name as your username.
  2. After registering, you will be redirected to your control panel, click and goto Admin Mode, this is your work area.
  3. Create seven(7) pages or site as follows
    A – upload file
    B – latest upload
    C – Top download
    D – search upload
    E – file stats
    F – Download page
    NOTE=> the letter A,B,C,D,E,F above are the site ids.
    we need to create a directory/folder i.e goto edit site -> filemanager -> create a folder with name “portal”.Step 2: we need to create a file uploader(edit site>>file uploader). Fill the text/input areas as follows:
    .1 text on button=>upload file
    .2 site or text display after upload=> file successfully uploaded
    .3 allow file extension=> leave it blank
    .4 maximum size=> input 0
    .5 style of upload =

    The file category is just a junk. It only work with advance uploader.  Am gona share that someday.
    .6 directory=> choose portal(i.e the folder we created).
    .7 then submit


use below code for top download.

.7 In site-D ~ SEARCH UPLOAD
add below code to add a search option.

Note => change “1" in d=1 to your directory id. If it multiple id, separate with space. Example d=1 2 3

.8 In site-E ~ FILE STATS

Now the important part is the download page. follow the information below.

use the below code. It a stylish download page.

Note=goto edit site>>change title>>put [b]file[/b] in the second input place, so that the url will be change from e.g site_47.xhtml to site_file.xhtml

If you follow the instruction above accurately. you’ve successfully created yoyr own simple download portal.
If you have any question or contribution, use the comment form below.

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  • Guy where do i put this Code :filelist:o=d,d=1,l=10,s=:geti-page(1):, n= file not unavailable,::

  • Add it in XHTML/WML. click Edit site -> xhtml/wml -> add the code in the textarea

  • selik

    when i paste this code showing this error
    Syntax ERROR!
    Please EDIT or DELETE this
    WML/XHTML code.
    -unknown code

    • The reason for this is the presence of ″ in the code which suppose to be double quote.
      Anywhere you see ″ change it to “

  • Guy, pls corect dz codes bcos it z signtex eror. D site C,D,E. Tnx

    • The reason for this is the
      presence of ″ in the code which
      suppose to be double quote.
      Anywhere you see ″ change it

  • Ugwuoke, Amos Ebuka

    Pls, wher can you insert those codes when you edit the site (starting from page B)

    • Add it in XHTML/WML ckick Edit Site:: and you will see it

  • Ugwuoke, Amos Ebuka

    Thank you very much.
    I added it the code there, but it wrote syntax error……

    I corrected that box to double quote i.e (“) but still error. Pls what do i do?

  • Ugwuoke, Amos Ebuka

    Am sorry for staying too long before replying! The error starts from Latest Upload to the last except File Stats

    • Send a mail to me using the contact page containing your wapka username, password and pin let me take a look and fix it

  • Ugwuoke; Amos Ebuka

    Pls master, have you corrected the codes?

  • Can you give us a demo site…. please

  • I had created a wapka site. But there is no file manager option. Now, i couldn’t upload any file. How can upload anyfile?

    • I think file manager have been renamed to content manager.