Find and Delete Files Eating up Your Windows PC Hard Disk Space

I recently had a problem where the C-Drive disk space of my Windows 8.1 PC mysteriously got filled up. As a result, I kept getting this error message “you are running very low on disk space”.

I scan through all my files deleting several large files and uninstalling software that were infrequently used yet the size of the disk space only reduced by few gigabytes.

I calculated the size of my files and installed program and no way could they have consumed over 400 GB of hard disk space.

It soon dawn on me that there are (hidden) files eating up the disk space hence I had to take a desperate action to fix the problem.


I downloaded TreeSize, a software that tells you where precious disk space has gone.

I took a scan of my local disk (C:) and discovered the tmp folder in XAMPP was using 429 GB of disk space.

Folder eating up my local drive disk space

To be double sure, I checked the tmp folder in Windows explorer and indeed TreeSize was right.

Folder eating up my local drive disk space

I permanently deleted the files and my problem was solved.

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