Google Adsense Account Disabled – How Long Is An Appeal Reply

My Google Adsense account recently got disabled for invalid activity, after filing an appeal, yet, i wasn’t reinstated into Adsense.
If you recently got your Adsense disabled, and after filing an appeal, you yet to get a reply from the Adsense team, i will advice you should be patient.
From my experience, it take weeks, at times months to get a response depending on the amount of mail received by the Google Adsense team prior to yours.
Though i didn’t get a positive result with Adsense because i wasn’t reinstated, that doesn’t mean you also experience similar fate with me.
As long as you are innocent, you will surely be reinstated.


Don’t get frightened of loosing your earnings, if you were luckily reinstated, your earnings will be intact. GOODLUCK

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  • My google adsense was disable from 2 years ago. Now Again I have started a new blog and luckily I got back the unpaid amount with my new site. But I am using my old adsense account with new blog site.

    • Am glad you got your account back, can you please briefly share with us how you got it back? our readers are curious to know..

  • my previous blog was and it was pirated movie and music video downloading site..suddenly Google AdSense has disabled at that time my balance was $91.02 in 2011. After 2 years I have created my new genuine blog and applied for AdSense with my new email id. After 20 minutes AdSense team send me an email that my address is match with my previous AdSense account. And they have given me an email that how to transfer the AdSense account from one to another. Then I just added my new email address on the form. That’s it. Within 30 minutes I am using AdSense in my new blog. Even It doesn’t require any approval. I am planning to write a tutorial about it very soon in my blog.
    Hope this experience will help your readers. Thanks.

  • wow lucky you mine still is disabled no where to go… hate my day

    • If truly you are innocent, you will surely get it back