Import WordPress Plugins From the SVN Repository to GitHub Properly

Few days ago, I created a free version of my premium plugin ProfilePress and open sourced it on GitHub.

Prior to putting it on GitHub, it has been in a private Bitbucket repository where all code changes and deployment to WordPress plugin subversion (SVN) repository are carried out.

In this article, I will show us how I imported the plugin hosted in a plugin SVN repo. to GitHub with all the tags and commit history preserved.

First off, head over to GitHub and create a repository for the plugin.

Create new GitHub repository

You will be redirected to a getting started page as shown in the image below.

GitHub quick setup page

Click the Import code button.

Enter the URL of your plugin SVN repo in the text field provided

Begin SVN repo import to GitHub

Hit the Begin import button to initiate the process.

Importing in progress

In a short while, the plugin SVN repo will be imported over to GitHub with the tags and commit history preserved.

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