Solution to Jetpack Publicize Not Posting to Facebook Page

I recently discovered Jetpack Publicize wasn’t publishing the latest posts of my ProfilePress blog to its Facebook page.
I didn’t know why this was happening. I disconnected and reconnected my Facebook account and it still didn’t fix the problem. So I gave up.

After some weeks, it occurred to me this issue must started after I migrated the Facebook page to my Business manager. This was indeed the cause of the problem because I saw the following statement on Publicize support page.

Note for connecting to pages: You will need to use a Facebook account that has a Profile with administrative rights to the Page. A Page-only account or a page managed by the Facebook Business Manager cannot be used with Publicize.

I followed the instructions here to remove the said Facebook Page from my Facebook Business Manager account, and that was what fixed the issue.

Facebook business manager

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