Why People Reformat Email Replacing ‘@’ With [at] In Webpages

I know most of us might have observe this trend – email address been reformated from maybe [email protected] to collins[at]yahoo.com or collins at yahoo dot come. The reason most webmaster, bloggers and internet users do this is to prevent BOT scrapping email addresses from webpages over the internet.

Why I Started Reformating My Email Address

I created an email months back for personal use ‘cos my previous emails are bloated and littered with spam emails which i got tired of deleting. To my greatest surprise, my new email started becoming filled with spam mails, then it dawn on me that have been a victim of email scrappers. I remember sharing the new email address to a community site i belong to, maybe that’s where bot scrapping emails from internet got it.

If you’re among those posting email address around webpages, always reformat email address before posting. Doing this has been proven over time in reducing spam by over 60%.

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