PHP Script for Hiding “HTTP Referer” Header

In my previous post, i showed us what HTTP referer are, how to spoof & remove it from the list of Request Header sent to a web server and reasons why you might want to remove it.

I showed us how to remove the remove the Referer field from the list of Request Headers using online tools such as,, which anonymously link to a website without the site knowing who the referer is.

Would love to build your own alternative similar to the above mentioned tool? want to incorporate the feature into your existing PHP application? the answer is this PHP script.

Want to have a feel on how this script work? check out the demo

Hide HTTP Referer Header Script

Currently, the script is selling for a promotional price of just $2 USD which will end in 13 days time (April 28th, 2014); afterwhich, it will be sold for the default $5 price.

As a bonus, you will receive a sitepoint’s eBook of your choice for free.
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