How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

Adsense is a Google Ad Service where one can earn money with it via clicks and impressions generated from your website.
Google Adsense has an automated mechanism they use in detecting website that disable their policies.

If found guilty by Adsense, Ads will stop displaying on your website and you either get suspended or banned from the program. if you were suspended, you will be given an option to appeal their decision. it take quite a long time for your appeal to be reviewed.



Yes, you submitted a violation appeal but not yet reviewed. for instance, mine took up to 6 months before i found this solution.
Make sure you have already submitted a violation appeal, review your site and remove contents that violates their policies.
Below is an example appeal i wrote to Google Adsense Team as regard my Forum Website that got disabled:

I hereby appeal for reactivation of my site with the following correction i made.

I have removed contents that goes against Adsense Policy, as a forum administrator I can’t be online always to check what my users post, e.g of posts that i removed are post containing adult content, h*cking and cr*cking keywords and other abusive word.
I will be glad if my appeal will be reviewed and taken responsible action.


  • When you have submitted this and you are sure you have taken the actions you wrote in the violation appeal, wait for 24hrs.
  • Now login with your Adsense account and click on this link to take you to the contact page, at the right top of the page you will see Contact Us button, click it and choose Other in the list of problems.
  • Fill the details and inform them that your Adsense has been blocked from showing Ads in your site and you have submitted an appeal but not yet reviewed, send it and in 24hrs time you will get a reply that your site will now be reviewed. Then wait for 48hrs another message will reach you, telling you if ads have been reactivated or not.

I have tried this and it works for me, i have no doubt it will work for you too.

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