WTF Sublime Text – Show & Hide Menu Bar

Few months ago, I decided to give Sublime Text a try after reading reviews by friends and developers alike.
While exploring it features, I hid the Menu bar. I tried to un-hide it but I couldn’t as the place to do it was in the view menu which is in the Menu Bar that was hidden.

I tried all I could to display the Menu Bar, but all my effort proved abortive. I had to ditch Sublime Text and continue using my Aptana Studio IDE.

I had an article to write in HTML this morning, so I chose to use Sublime Text. While writing, my hand mistakenly hit the ALT key and I saw the Menu Bar appear. I quickly activate the display of the Menu Bar.

Show / Hide Menu Bar - Sublime Text

At the end of the ritual ( 😀 ), I remembered that’s how Firefox browser Menu Bar also works.

Do have a lovely Weekend.

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