Verify Google Adsense without PIN but a Proof of Identity Document

Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN) verified

To say the postal service in my country is terrible is an understatement. I remember thrice requesting for my Google Adsense PIN which I never received (lost in transit).

To protect the security of accounts, Google requires you to verify your address before they can send you payment.…

Instantly Find Dictionary Meaning of Words on Google

Dictionary meaning of words on Google

When writing, I always look up the meaning of certain words before using them in my article.
I always keep the Dictionary software on my PC open, just in case a need for it arises.

Few months back, I discovered a Google trick that displays the meaning of words without having to click-through a search result.

To check the meaning of a word on Google, precede the query word with define.…

How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

Adsense is a Google Ad Service where one can earn money with it via clicks and impressions generated from your website.
Google Adsense has an automated mechanism they use in detecting website that disable their policies.

If found guilty by Adsense, Ads will stop displaying on your website and you either get suspended or banned from the program. if you were suspended, you will be given an option to appeal their decision.…

How To Control And Personalize Google Ads

Google Ads on Internet and around the web

Nowadays, it is near impossible for people to browse the Internet without seeing Google Ads A.K.A Google AdWords. either they are from websites monetizing their site with Google Adsense or when using Google products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, etc.
These Ads are either not of interest or interest-based.

While playing around my Google Account, i came across an Ads Settings page.…

How To File A Google Adsense Appeal And Get Reinstated

How To Reactivate Blocked Google Adsense Ads Display Within 7 days

Few months back, i got a mail from the Adsense team that my Google Adsense account was disabled because of invalid activities was detected on my blog. luckily for me, i saw an option for me to appeal the decision. I filed an appeal immediately trying to prove my innocent but after weeks of waiting, i got a mail that the appeal wasn’t successful.…

Download Official Google Search Engine Optimization Ebook

Download Official Google Search Engine Optimization Ebook

The importance of optimising our website for search engines cannot be over-emphasized. search engines are great place to get targeted traffic from.
For those of you new to SEO, you will find this ebook handy. i discovered this e-book while reading a post from Google official website.

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