Receive Google Alert As SMS On Your Mobile Phone Free

Google Alert as Trigger

Google alert is one of my favourite tool i can’t do without. am using it to receive alert on topics of interest and also to keep track of where on the name my name was mentioned.
Now am going to show us how receive Google Alert as SMS to our mobile phone.…

How To Take Screenshot Of Your Nokia s40 Java Phones

Take screenshot of Nokia Mobile device

I own a Nokia s40 java phone and i was looking for a method on how i can take screenshot. i did some research and found Nokia Screen Dumper software from life of a Gadget Geek. Below is a few step you need to follow to learn how to take screen shots on your Nokia device.

  1. Download the NSD software from here of from mediafire at

Bookmarks Getting Deleted In Opera Mini Mobile Browser? – A Simple Fix

Opera Mini Mobile browser

I have been using Java phones for a long time now. My first ever phone was a Sony Ericsson w880i followed by Nokia 3120c with Opera Mini as my favorite mobile browser after the demise of Bolt browser.

One problem i always encounter with Opera-mini browser is, my bookmarks often time mysteriously getting deleted after saving / storing lots of bookmarks.…

Reasons Why You Should Mobilize Your Website For Mobile And Tablet

Reasons Why You Should Mobilize Your Website For Mobile And Tablet

The world is evolving every day with the continue development and implementation of several technology. One of such area is the internet also known as WEB. The web has experienced tremendous improvement and development. Gone are those days of static HTML website, rather it has evolve with the invention of Dynamic website powered by modern-day client and server-side web programming language like PHP, Ruby, Python, JSP, and most recently, Node.js.…