Useful tips about SEARCH QUERIES in Nokia s60 MOBILE XPLORER Application

Do You know that your symbian mobile Xplorer application can search files with just some simple MS DOS command? You don’t need to know MS DOS before you can try this.
the essence of this tutorial is to help you make search easy in mobile xplorer app.

To do this, you have to do is locate your xplorer in your phone keep your cursor on any of the following
After doing that click.

Note that * is asterisk sign

Goto Menu then scroll to find file, In FIND FILE enter the following commands as you wish. For instance I want to search for all the files in E: directory with extension .sis I would enter this command


means search for all files with the extension .sis which will bring up .sis applications. See examples below.
I used E: here because that’s what I want to use, you can try to keep your cursor in C: or any folder and search.


means search for all files with jpg extension which are pictures in E:


means find all files in E:


means find all files having
S at the end of their names (replace “S” with any alphabet of your choice) in E:


means find all files with sis as their extension in E:


means find all files having names as Ucweb and also having two(2) or more characters in E: . You may get Ucwebback as example.
Note: replace Ucweb with any text of your choice.


means find all files beginning with r as their names in E:


Means find files with r
in the middle or anywere In E:

Keep experimenting with this syntax, in a short while, you will master them.
Keep the fun going….

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