5+ Tools To Check Domain/website Is Ban By Google And Adsense

The number of domain names or website getting blacklisted or ban by either Google search or Adsense seem to be on the increase. Do you know over 60% of domain name bought have previously been used by somebody in the past? it is always advisable you check that domain name or website you want to buy to see if it been ban by Google search and also maybe by Google adsense if you plan to monetize the site with it.
Below are some website tools check if a domain name and website is blacklisted by Google.

  • Bannedcheck.com

    Banned Check is a powerful set of tools that verifies if your website and/or domain has been banned by either the Google Search Engine or Google AdSense. Keep in mind though, that this will not indicate if your personal AdSense account has, or has not been, banned from Google. Website/domain verification is especially useful when you plan on opening a new AdSense account, transferring your domain to a new name, selling your domain to someone new, researching the purchase of an existing domain and checking up on your competition.

  • Isbanned.com

    This tool check to see if your website and/or domain is banned by the Google Search Engine.We will also check if your website and/or domain is banned by Google AdSense.

  • Bannedchecksite.com

    This tool will display Google ads per country for any keyword(s) or webpage. Google Ads can also be filtered by the geographic location ( or country ) of the visitor. If this tool fails to display ads for a particular keyword or web domain, chances are that it is a restricted keyword or the domain is not part of the AdSense program.

  • iWebtool.com

    This tool will analyze your domain with Google search to detect if the domain is banned. Enter the domain name you want to check. (eg. www.w3guy.com, Click the “Check!” button.
    This tool will analyze Google search results to detect if your domain name is banned. The conclusion may not be correct (If the domain has expired, the tool may say the domain is banned when it actually isn’t.

  • Selfseo.com

    With this Google ban check you can easily find out if your site was banned by Google.

  • Searchenginegenie.com

    This Google Banned Site Checker helps you to check if your website has been crawled or banned by Google. Enter the URL of the website in the blank field and on clicking SUBMIT a page pops up showing if the website is crawled or banned by google.

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