Adding a CNAME and A Record On Shared Hosting Via cPanel

When i was a newbie in web development, i encountered a problem adding an A Record and CNAME Record to my domain. I am writing this blog post for the sake of those who may not know how to do this.
If you are on a shared web host, follow the steps outlined below to know how to do it using cPanel.

  1. login to cPanel account. Once inside the cPanel account, find and click on the “Simple DNS Zone Editor” under the “Domains” section. simple DNS editor page @ cPanel
  2. Choose your domain name in the drop down menu and go to the “Add an A Record” or if it’s CNAME, goto the “Add a CNAME Record” area of the Simple Zone Editor. Fill in the name for your new CNAME(subdomains) in the “Name” field and the hostname you want to point it to in the “CNAME” field. adding "A Record" & "CNAME Record" page @ cPanel
  3. After filling in the needed information, click the “Add CNAME Record” button. You will now see your new CNAME record listed in the “User-Defined Records” at the bottom of the screen

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    nyc one bro…..u are improving!

  • samuel

    Hello, i tried this with mobstac in creating a cname for but it wasn’t working out.

    • collizo4sky

      After creating a cname, you need to wait for some few hours. BTW mobstac has some issue.. Wen parking my in my dashboard, i receive an error message, but after few hrs, it was working.