Google Drive Unable To Connect Internet – A Simple Fix

I personally use Google Drive to synchronization and store my PC files on the cloud. it one of the best cloud storage service.
I recently had a weird experience with Google Drive. i was working on my window 7 laptop when i got a call from a friend to go play football, so i decided to sleep my computer so i could quickly resume working.
On my return, i woke my laptop from sleep, but Google Drive suddenly stop synchronization even when the internet was active.
As a windows OS newbie, it took me time to get it connected back to the internet.
If you find your self in similar problem, the fix to this is to quit and restart Google Drive.
Don’t even think about the Resume button ‘cos it became null.
follow the simple step below to get your GD up and running again.

  1. At windows task bar, navigate to the Google drive Google Drive icon
  2. Right click and select Quit Google Drive
    Quit Google Drive
  3. Open Google Drive again and see how it connect to the internet this time.

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