Instantly Get Your New Blog/Website Index By Google And Other Search Engines Via Auto-appraisers

Do you have a new blog or website that hasn’t been index by google or other search engines? do you want to do this without having to go through the stress of using google webmaster service, Bing webmaster, and other search engines tools? If this is what you seek, worry no more ‘cos am going to show us how to get new blog or website index quickly by google and other major search engines using domain auto-appraisers.

Introduction And Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) For Beginners

What are Domain Auto-appraisers
Domains Auto-appraisers are websites that estimate about the potential sales price of a particular Internet domain name, they also estimate what a particular website is worth using some factors like traffic statistics, search engine ranking and other criterias.
Below are Factors considered by Domain name appraisers:-

  1. Top-level domain— .com, .net, .org, .info, .asia, .mobi and so on. “.com” domains are usually considered more valuable that corresponding domain names in other TLDs, with other more established TLDs – .net or .org – following.
  2. Meaning – Domain names referring to popular subjects are worth more than those referring to niche subjects, e.g. movies vs. entomology.
  3. Suitability for commercialization
  4. Memorability relative from person to person.
  5. Number of words – Domains that comprise fewer words generally have a larger market.
  6. Number of searches performed for the domain name or its component words in recent history can indicate its value for search engine optimization.
  7. Length – Shorter names are more convenient for users, being faster to type and less prone to typing errors.
  8. Pronounce-ability – A domain whose proper spelling is clear when spoken is generally more valuable than one which is ambiguous.
  9. Added numbers usually lower estimation (e.g., would be rated as less valuable than
  10. Typographical errors or misspellings – Domain names resembling other domains except for a typographical error can be valued by those seeking to use them for advertising or competitive activities, but can also run afoul of local trademark laws.
  11. Age — A long-established domain tends to be more valuable.
  12. Singular and plural domains may differ in their pricing (e.g. or
    Recent traffic.
  13. Selling price of previous similar domains

How to use Domain Auto-appraisers For Instant search engines Indexing
Instantly Get Your New Blog/Website Index By Google And Other Search Engines Via Auto-appraisers This is the easiest way to getting your site index quickly by search engines. When you submit your site to these domain appraisers, they gather some information about your site and then generate a static web page is created containing some information about your site and a backlink to it. when search engine spiders are crawling the domain appraisers site, they follow the backlink to your site and then crawl and index your new website. isn’t that simple and easy?

To get your site indexed quickly, add your site URL after each of the below domain appraisers website. E.g

If you have a new website that hasn’t been index by google, feel free to make use of this information. Not only is it simple in getting a new website indexed by malor search engines, it efficient and reliable.

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    You can also send an email via gmail with a link to a site. It also works quite well if you want to index in google.

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    Google indexing blog post time is really depending on many things like blog age, sitemap, page rank and backlinks. But aside from these elements I suggest that you focus on your content and Google indexing will no longer be a problem.

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