How I Removed Delta Search Engine From My FireFox Browser

Sometime ago, i downloaded a software which i can’t remember, when installing, i was prompted to install Delta Search but i said NO. after the software installation, my Firefox browser search engine was changed to with the referral link of the software owner attached. i swiftly uninstall and removed the software, though the Delta search toolbar was remove, but whenever i open a new tab, the Delta search was still displaying.
To remove it, follow the step below..

  1. Enter about:config in your Firefox Address bar.
  2. In the about:config page, enter Delta in the search and hit enter.
  3. You will see all the Firefox settings infected or modified by the Delta Search
    Delta search Firefox about:config
  4. Since it only when i want to open a new tab that the Delta search Engine rises it ugly head, all i did was to reset browser.newtab.url. you can as well modify and change the Delta search URL to the website URL you want to be opening when you open a new tab.
    But for me, i prefer resetting it.
    To Reset or modify, right-click and choose what action to take.
  5. You can decide to reset the other Delta values because there isn’t an option to delete them.

Watch The Video Below to see it live

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  • Delta Search

    Hello collizo4sky,

    I am a member of Delta search service department and I came across your post.
    Delta search works to strictly comply with all standards for installation. That said, our search software is sometimes packaged together with other programs and occasionally those distributors do not uphold the same strict standards that we follow. Whenever we discover this has happened, we address the issue immediately. In order to help us avoid having this problem in the future, we would appreciate if you could provide us with the link and the name of the site from which you think that you received Delta to, so that we can follow up with the site.

    While we look into the situation, please let us know if you need any help with the uninstall process.


    Delta search service department

    • collizo4sky

      Thanks for your comment.. i actually cant remember where i downloaded the said software. but if i do, i won’t hesitate to mail your support team.