5+ Web Tools To Find Alternative Softwares

Every computer users all have their favorite applications and software mainly because it make performing a specified task easy, it has great features and other reasons best known to them.
When you are used to a software, you tend to think it the best for that given task, but have you tried to look for alternatives to that your awesome software and see if it really the best tool for you?
Are you also looking for that your favorite windows software for your Mac or Linux OS?
Are you looking for a free alternative to a premium or commercial software?
Below are great web services or tools to help you find great alternative software.

  1. AlternativeTo.net

    AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations
    AlternativeTo has a great list of software alternative such as software for Windows, Mac and Linux. smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android.
    Aside softwares, you can also get list of alternative or similar websites.

  2. similarapplication.com

    10 CorelDRAW Alternatives | Similar Applications Like CorelDRAW
    This website helps give 10 best alternative or similar software for the search or queried one.

  3. Osalt.com

    Open Source Alternative - osalt.com
    Another website to find software alternative is Osalt. it slightly different to AlternativeTo because it offers free open source alternative to commercial and premium softwares.

  4. Linuxalt.com

    The Linux Alternative Project
    For those using Linux, this site will come in handy. the aim of linuxalt is to provide Linux equivalents and alternatives of windows software.

  5. Linuxappfinder

    Missing your favorite Windows or Mac application on Linux? Try LinuxAppFinder. It provides a listing of popular Linux applications. Apart from that, it also lists popular Windows and Mac software and the Linux applications that can be used for similar purposes. Clicking on an alternative software listing will show you its description, rating and other related software. LinuxAppfinder is a great way to discover Linux software if you are new to Linux.

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