Ultimate List Of MySQL Database Management Tools

MySQL is the world’s most widely used open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.
The use of MySQL management clients or tools save us the stress and hardship of using MySQL commands line.
it is a well-known fact that phpMyAdmin (a popular free and open source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL with the use of a web browser) is the most popular tool to interact with MySQL databases. it is supported and used by most PHP and MySQL web hosting company for database management. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements; or managing users and permissions.
No doubt it is the best, here are list Of MySQL Database Management Clients that are good alternatives to phpMyAdmin.

  1. SQL Buddy

    SQL Buddy – Web based MySQL administration
    SQLBuddy places an emphasis on ease of installation and a simple user interface used for MySQL and SQLite database management. The tool allows you to create, modify, or drop tables, indexes, foreign key relationships, and records. Backups are easy and you can run ad h oc SQL queries.SQL Buddy has a fast and attractive Ajax-powered interface with multiple languages and themes. it is a very good phpMyAdmin alternative.

  2. Adminer

    Adminer - Database management in single PHP file
    Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server. Adminer is available for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle. Get to know why is Adminer better than phpMyAdmin. Adminer can modify tables, indexes, foreign keys, views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. It’s easy to browse or update data, and run your own SQL queries. The interface is functional rather than attractive, but it’s fast and easy to use.
    if you are on WordPress, there’s a plugin that include this tool in WordPress for a fast management of your database.

  3. phpMiniAdmin

    phpminiadmin – extremely lightweight alternative to heavy phpMyAdmin for quick and easy access MySQL databases. Instead of installing huge phpMyAdmin (~11Mb) and trying to figure out how to use all it’s features, just upload one ~10Kb file and it’s ready to use. Due to its simplicity script really fast and need just a little server resources, even if you don’t know SQL it’s still easy to:

    1. browse tables and see all the data
    2. manage tables in DB
    3. export and import data to .sql and CSV
    4. see what databases you have permission with
    5. check server status and statistics
    6. ability to do CRUD (i.e. insert, select, update, delete)
  4. MyWebSQL

    MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL web client - MyWebSQL
    MyWebSQL is the ultimate desktop replacement for managing your MySQL databases over the web. With interface that works just like your favourite desktop applications, you don’t need to keep switching over webpages to get simple things done. Just login to your database and manage your database as if you are working on your desktop. That’s right. MyWebSQL is completely open source software and available free for download. You can add/edit/change whatever you like. It even supports themes so you can create your own to suit your needs.
    There is also a wordpress plugin that allows editing/managing the WordPress database directly from within the admin panel. You must be logged in as an administrator to use MyWebSQL. you can also manage all other databases on the same server that the WordPress database user has access to.

  5. MySql Lite Administrator

    A php web application that will help you insert and update stuff in your MySQL Database. Almost all the modern web sites use databases. MySql is probably the most used database for web application. There are many web tools that interact with MySQL, PHPMyAdmin is a great example. But the problem is they are very complex for non expert user. That is why this was web application for basic management of MySQL.

  6. SIDU

    SIDU admin GUI : MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite
    SIDU stands for SQL Select Insert Delete Update. SIDU is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. SIDU works via web browsers such as Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. SIDU looks like database font-end software GUI rather than web pages. Handy and powerful for MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite + CUBRID. SIDU is not only a joy tool, it helps you to have an easy life with databases, and enjoy the relaxation at work.

  7. MonoQL

    MonoQL - MySQL Admin & MySQL Query Tool
    MonoQL is an AJAX web application to manage MySQL databases. MonoQL will provide all major features of phpMyAdmin for MySQL, including database & table design, data browsing & editing, advanced querying & more. MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+ and MySQL 6+ support.

  8. Uhura

    It is a web Database console that support MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL. Use PHP, and ExtJS. Browse in Tree: db,table,column,constraint,trigger,view,proc. Has history, and fragments panel. Editor has autocomplete, autoindent. Easy install, unpack in webroot and edit “set.php”.

  9. Chive

    Chive - Web-based MySQL Admin Interface
    Chive is a modern Open-Source MySQL Data Management tool. With its fast and elaborate user interface it is getting very popular especially by web engineers. Chive was created because of an disaffection with existing tools. They usually were hard to handle and very time-consuming while the daily use of a web engineer. Chive is a free, open source, web-based database management tool, designed to bring joy to web developers – with easy administration, super fast UI and state of the art web technologies. Based on top of the current version of the Yii framework, Chive takes advantage of the MVC design pattern and unit testing.

  10. HeidiSQL

    HeidiSQL - MySQL made easy
    HeidiSQL is a lightweight, Windows-based application for managing MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases. It enables you to browse and edit data, create and edit tables, views, procedures, triggers and scheduled events. Also, you can export structure and data either to SQL file, clipboard or to other servers.

  11. DbFacePHP

    DbFacePHP for MySQL
    DbFacePHP is a self-service MySQL web interface, PHP application builder and sql reporting tool. It is written in PHP and gives you the ability to administer a MySQL database and create interactive reporting applications through an intuitive web browser interface. Connecting to a database, creating a query, updating data, and creating sql reporting applications are all available through simple mouse clicks, no PHP coding required.

  12. DbNinja

    DbNinja | Online MySQL database manager
    DbNinja is an advanced web-based application for MySQL database administration and development. It’s a must-have for those who wish to access their hosted servers remotely. DbNinja supports all the latest features including: triggers, events, views, stored routines and foreign keys; in addition it allows to import and backup data and MySQL object structures, manage users and much more. DbNinja has a highly functional and elegant user interface, and can be used securely in any modern browser on any OS.

  13. Navicat for MySQL

    Navicat | DB GUI Admin Tool for MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle & PostgreSQL
    Navicat for MySQL is an ideal solution for MySQL administration and development. This all-inclusive MySQL front end provides an intuitive and powerful graphical interface for databases management, development and maintenance. It delivers a comprehensive set of tools for those who are new to MySQL server and need only its basic functionality, or professionals like you.
    Navicat for MySQL connects you to any local/remote MySQL servers. It works with any MySQL database servers from version 3.21 or above and compatible with Drizzle, OurDelta, Percona Server and MariaDB, and supports most of the latest MySQL features including Tables, Views, Functions/Procedures, Event, and more.
    Major features includes SQL Builder/Editor, Data Modeling Tool, Data Transfer, Import/Export, Data/Structure Synchronization, Report, and much more.

  14. Vty Database Manager

    Vty - Database Manager for Mysql
    Vty is a web-based database manager script written with Php. It’s for Mysql. You can connect to Mysql and see and edit your databases and tables.

  15. Querious

    Querious - MySQL Database Tool for Mac OS X
    Querious is a MySQL database management application written from the ground up for Mac OS X. Unlike mindless Mac OS X ports of applications originally made for Windows or Linux, Querious works the way you’d naturally expect it to as a Mac OS X app. Querious is precise and easy to understand, giving you full control without getting in your way.Viewing, searching, editing, importing, exporting, and structuring your MySQL databases has never been so easy. With Querious, you can even open up raw CSV or Tab files in a spreadsheet-like document. Need to rename or reorder the columns? No problem. Searching for data is a breeze, and you can even convert the whole file to another format in a snap!

  16. Webdbadmin

    Webdbadmin – the next generation database administration tool
    This project is a better alternative to the existing web-based database management tools by bringing the usability, power and features of a desktop application into the web world.
    Mysql is currently supported and support for sqlite, postgresql, mssql, oracle and db2 will also be added in the future releases.
    Webdbadmin is an alternative for phpmyadmin, sqlbuddy and other web-based mysql administation tools.

  17. DBKiss

    DBKiss - database administration tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
    DBKiss is a single php file administration script for mysql, postgresql and sqlite databases (sqlite available in 2.00). It is easy to upload to your webserver because it is only a single file, it’s straightforward to use and the interface is kept simple.

  18. Sequel Pro Sequel Pro

    Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases. it gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote servers. Whether you are a Mac Web Developer, Programmer or Software Developer your workflow will be streamlined with a native Mac OS X application.

  19. SQLWave

     | SQLWave MySQL Client
    SQLWave is a compact, fast and easy-to-use MySQL client. This tool will allow you to anywhere easily connect to your remote hosts. Supports all current and recent versions of MySQL, including its new features for managing database structure: working with tables, views, storage procedures, functions, events, foreign keys and triggers.

  20. SQLGate

    SQLGate for MySQ
    SQLGatefor MySQLis a tool that manages the MySQL server in a convenient and various way and reduces user’s time and effort to manage procedure. it executes multiple queries simultaneously and displays results in a grid allowing a quick look so that a user can easily compare data, provides a table auto completion, field auto completion, and keyword auto completion so that a user can create a query fast and correctly.

  21. Toad

    Toad for MySQL
    Toad™ for MySQL is a freeware development tool that enables you to rapidly create and execute queries, automate database object management, and develop SQL code more efficiently. It provides utilities to compare, extract, and search for objects; manage projects; import/export data; and administer the database.

  22. tinyMy

    A minimalist mysql console to manage mysql server over web. Usually to manage mysql server over the web, phpMyAdmin is used. Being really great product, it is somehow big, you may not need most of its features, and is way too heavy to be used comfortably over dial-up or another slow connection. Generally, all I usually need is a small mysql console plus the overview of databases and tables, and that’s why this little app was born. If you need fancy wizards, or you are not intimately familiar with SQL language, or blank console scares you, I don’t think this app will help you. it is also found on Github.

  23. DbWrench

    DbWrench make creating and modifying your database easier. it Use ER diagrams (ERDs) to analyze, communicate and refine your designs, Reverse engineer databases into our
    database designer in seconds, review all design changes using Database

  24. DbVisualizer

    Database Management Software Tools - DbVisualizer
    DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for developers, DBAs and analysts. It is the perfect solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases including MySQL.

  25. MySQL-Front

    MySQL-Front is a Windows front-end software for the MySQL database server. The database structure and data can be handled via dialogs or SQL commands. Import or Export in several formats is supported. Access to the MySQL server directly or via HTTP tunneling is possible.

  26. SQLyog

    This is also a good MySQL database manager, though it a premium tool.

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