Understanding Google Adsense Rule On Ad Unit Placement Per Page

Without doubt, Google Adsense is one of the best AD network rendering contextual and CPC ads.
Most Adsense publishers aren’t aware of the number of Ads unit per page. In some cases, they are aware, but they do abuse it.
One of the popular Adsense placement abuse i see new blogger doing is adding the double ad format of Adsense for mobile in the top or header of their website.
The Adsense policy clearly state that, double ad format of the Adsense for mobile can only be use in a webpage footer or bottom while that of the single can be use anywhere.
Also you can’t use more than one adsense for mobile unit(either single or double ad format) in a webpage.

Summary Of Adsense Placement Rule

  • Only three(3) unit of Adsense for content per page.
  • Only three(3) Adsense for content link unit per page.
  • NOTE: You can use 3 Adsense for content and 3 link unit together in a page, but it shouldn’t exceed three(3) each.

  • Only one unit of Adsense for mobile is allowed per webpage.
    Note: in Adsense for mobile, the double Ad format should only be use at the bottom or footer of a page only, while that of the single unit can be use anywhere.
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  • Nice info.. 🙂
    By the way, I have question, are we supposed to show the usual web ads or the custom mobile ad units for the android device visitors? I guess both will be showing for them nah?

    • Since android phones are high-end phones, normal web ads do display cos they can read adsense js code, but if you targeting both high and low end phones, i suggest you use Adsense for mobile PHP ad codes, else use the mobile unit in adsense for content for high ends phone like android and iPhones.

  • I have tried with Adsense for content link unit per page beside of ad banner but not working. May be it allow only 3 ads no more than that

    • Hey bro, you can use upto 3 link unit together with maximum of 3 adsense for content

  • hi collins, its good to know some of these adsense rules in order to avoid ones adsense account from being banned.
    Thanks for the notice.

  • Hey.. I’m really glad for you for sharing this information. It is really beneficial in order to avoid Adsense accounts from being banned.