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One of the motivating factor newbie and even pro-bloggers have is the fact that they could earn money online using Google Adsense. Adsense has become famous and has wax stronger over the years. no doubt they have high CPC and CPM rate compare to other ad network and have a very vast number of high paying advertisers.

One sucking thing about this ad network called Adsense is, it is very difficult to get accepted particularly if your website is new and easy to get boot out because of their strict policies and terms.
Because of its popularity, people tend to think they are the only ad network in the world, but there are quite a few number of good alternative to Adsense.

Few months ago, my Adsense account got disabled, so i started looking for alternatives, i tried clicksor, addynamo, and a host of others. all had two things in common; low CPC & CPM ads and spammy advert. i came to a conclusion that no ad network beat Adsense. i rescinded my conclusion when a friend told me of bidvertiser. i use them for the 2 months duration i was ban from Adsense and i was quite satisfied with my earning compared to other Adsense alternative Ad-network. - best Google Adsense alternative website

If you are having failure getting approved by Google Adsense or you got kicked out for reason of violating their policy commonly invalid activites, i advice you use
Even after been reinstated by Adsense, i still use their ads in my blog and some other niche website of mine, and am marvel by my earning. do give them a try today.

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  • This post aptly explains the importance of bidvertiser in the current scenario. Thanks for sharing.

  • nice info, but one thing i hate about bidvertiser is that they always show ads of dating sites and never something reasonable like something related to your site, as adsense does….they take some keywords in the page and displays ads related to it

    • That is true, that is why i called it adsense alternative. Adsense is still the best

  • I’ve tried Bidvertiser earlier and I love them because they offer almost every monetization from referral earnings to intext advertising.