How My Three(3) Weeks Old Blog Got Approved By Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best, if not the best ad network consisting of high CPC and CPM advert where one can earn some money. As a result, they’re strict and very selective when accepting publishers to their network.
Most webmasters and blogger have become frustrated because of their inability to get an Adsense account.
Am going to be sharing my experience and tips i use in getting this blog approved by Google Adsense when it was just three(3) weeks old and am sure it will work for you too.

  • Website Compliance With Adsense Policies

    Before i decided to submit an Adsense application, i ensured my website complies with their policies. For example, website that belong to the niche or synonymous to website with below content and information isn’t allowed by Google Adsense. As a matter of fact, the website will be rejected automatically; P*pornography, adult or mature content, violent content, content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual group
    or organization, excessive profanity, hacking/cracking content, gambling or casino-related content, Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content, sales of prescription drugs, Sales of weapons or ammunition e.t.c.
    Read the full Adsense policy

  • Blog Post Uniqueness And Quality

    Now that my blog is in compliance with Adsense policies, the next step was to ensure my website contain unique and quality blog post. I made sure that they were pretty long, comprehensive and unique, in the sense that, content in my blog wasn’t already publish in another blog. I even use copyscape tool to check for plagiarism. You might want to check Top Tips In Writing A Unique, Quality, And captivating Blog Post.

  • Clean Website Design

    Google overtime has stress the need of over a clean website design with increase loading speed and navigation(this is one of the criteria Adsense take into consideration before approving your application). Before applying for Adsense, i made sure my blog had a clean design without any other Adnetwork AD and affiliate link in it. Then i added breadcrumb to enable users to easily navigate the site and increase users experience.

  • Number Of Blog Post

    Google Adsense is a contextual adnetwork, which means, they rely on the text contain in website to display targeted Advert. One of the criteria google take into consideration when reviewing your application is the quantity of text contain in your blog or website. As a result, they always stress the need for website wanting to join their network to contain lots of text.
    Now to the question, How many number of blog post should i have before applying to Adsense?
    Before i applied for Adsense, i read several blogs and forum regarding this question. Some said you must have a minimum of 10, others said 20 and the list goes on. But in my case, i was having just eight(8) quality blog post when i got approved by adsense. What this implies is, it doesn’t matter the number of blog post you have, rather the number of quality and unique post without any copyrighted content. Take note, i wasn’t having very short post, they where lengthy though.

  • My Domain Age

    There’s always this argument in webmasters forum, blogs that Adsense only approve blog/website with a minimum domain age of 6 months. They’re quite correct ‘cos i once saw it in the official Google Adsense policies page.
    But in my case, i got approved when my domain was approximately a month old. What this implies is – in order for Adsense to over look the domain age rule, your site has to contain awesome, quality, and Google friendly content.

  • My Blog Traffic

    As at the time of applying to Adsense program, my blog was having very low traffic which was about 10-20 page view daily, nevertheless, i still got accepted in spite of the low traffic.
    Then i concluded that, Adsense doesn’t or no longer take traffic into consideration. subject to debate though

Now that you’ve read the tips i used in getting approved by Google Adsense, i urge you not to just read, but implement it if you will like to have an approve adsense account.

Over To You

If you have any question, contribution or tip(s) that work for you in getting your website approve by Adsense, do share with us, we’ll love to hear from you.

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  • Nice one man! Thanks for the tips. Google Adsense is becoming difficult to get into these days. sure this will help one or 2 persons out there.

    • Thanks for dropping by bro.

      • im having a hard time being approved for google adsense … would you please take a look at my blog and tell me what im doing wrong …

        • you need to get rid of those nude and totally review your blog content to agree with adsense policies.

  • On point..

    Quality content and a clear navigation structure matters alot. Some newbies think they can just copy and paste nonsense stories on their blog, add addynamo etc, then apply for Adsense.

    Some webmasters do claim, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages are also essential.

    • Thanks for contribution. Uptil now, i dont have a privacy page. Dnt think that count.

      • but in my journey to get an adsense acc,my website was declined bcos of d absense of privacy policy and contact us page

        • How are you sure it because of the absent of contact and privacy page your application was declined?

  • Thanks for sharing, your tips will surely help in getting approve adsense account.

  • But I think Google has a policy where bloggers belong to certain countries are not eligible to apply for Adsense ad unless their blog is 6 months old. Let me know if I am wrong.

    • you quite correct there. the reason i added that was most SEO expert also attribute that to everyone. thanks for your contribution.

  • even when you r using free hosting

    • Free hosting doesn’t determine adsense approval, sp far you have a Top level domain and adsense compliance website.

  • bitan

    Dudr what happened to your AdSense account……why google ads are not apearing ?

    • Adsense recently disabled me. i have filed an appeal though.

  • you are right, but some important thing you forgot to include in your post are, privacy policy , contact, about us and disclaimer.

    And by the way do something about this ads popup on your blog…

    Nice regards

    • I think you may be right about those privacy, contact us etc.. But i had only contact us and about page as at the time of adsense approval.

  • Hello Collins, Thanks for this tips, I will try these. because my blog always denied by adsense.

  • If I will add youtube video to my blog then adsence will approve or not.

    • Adsense approval isn’t base on Youtube, it about your website content. Follow the Guide stated on this blog post and you will surely get Adsense.

  • Very nice sharing..this is what i am looking for. I have a blog and already tried to get approval from Google Adsense last month but failed due to insufficient content. By the way, what means of insufficient content really is in terms of Google Adsense?

    • it means having enough content in your website.. try and get enough content for your website.