10+ Alternatives To BitPixels Website Thumbnails Generator

In one of my previous post, i told us a about BitPixels website thumbnail generator website tool. what it does is, it generate thumbnail of a website without you writing any code or using any plugin, it just a simple HTML image tag. If you are web developer and you want to incorporate thumbnails to your web application or website, this can come in handy.
Am going to share some Website Thumbnails Generator tool and services that are similar and also a good alternative to BitPixels.
Below are list of free, premium and freemium website thumbnail creator with a number of them having simple API.

  • Websnapr Thumbnails Snapshots

    Snapshots - websnapr - Website Thumbnails For Your Website
    Websnapr lets you capture screenshots of (almost) any web page. Allow your visitors to instantly visualize any web page before clicking. Increase site traffic, click-through rate and site stickiness. they have both free and premium services.
    To generate thumbnails using this tool, you have to register for and get your key.
    NOTE: in the free service, you are allowed 100,000 snapshot impressions per month.
    To learn how to implement websnapr in your website or app, click here.

  • ShrinkTheWeb Screenshot Thumbnail Generator

    Website Screenshot Thumbnail Generator Service | ShrinkTheWeb
    ShrinkTheWeb help you capture, crop, shrink, save, upload, and display them, automatically, with a screenshot plugin or single line of code.
    Check out their Knowledgebase for documentation on how to implement it.

  • thumbalizr

    thumbalizr - thumb your webpages
    Yet another website thumbnail generator. to add implement the thumbnail on the fly for your web project, make use of their API.
    Simple syntax to use the API:

    Above code is a an API link to generate Tech4sky.com thumbnail of width 250px. to make it an image, use HTML image tag i.e <img src=”http://api.thumbalizr.com/?url=http://www.tech4sky.com&width=250″/>
    You may change the 250 in the code above to your desired width and also tech4sky.com to the website thumbnail you want to generate.

  • Bluga.net WebThumb

    Bluga.net WebThumb provides a white-label web service API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites.
    WebThumb claim to offers more features and quicker response times than any other service.
    Once you register you get access to the API and 100 free credits per month. Thumbnails cost one credit each with some features costing an additional credit. If you need more credits than that, you can purchase them at a rate as low as $1.00 per 1000. These credits never expire and are used after your free 100.

  • Robothumb

    This service allows you to view for free on your website a screenshot (thumbnail) of a website.
    You can use these images on your books, blog, forum or on any web page. it is a french website, you need Google translate to translate to English.
    View screenshots
    You must use the following URL to view the screenshot of a website:


    Click here for more info on it implementation.

  • SiteThumbshot Screenshots

    SiteThumbshot - Generate website screenshots and get link preview
    SiteThumbshot provides webmasters, developers and users with simple online access to capture screen or website thumbnail of almost any web page. These webpage thumbnails or site snapshots can be used in any kind of application that requires the display of site thumbnails or have webpage preview. These applications include web sites, windows/Linux/mac applications, iPhone/mobile utilities, browser plugins, etc.

  • URL2PNG Screenshots

    URL2PNG - Screenshots as a Service
    This is a premium thumbnail generator website. it render a screenshot in just seconds. Enable developers with a simple and powerful API. it is adaptable to creative uses such as svg rendering and IOS and Android integration. Available in github Bash, PHP, Python, and more.

  • MyThumbShot website thumbnails

    MyThumbShot - website thumbnails
    Mythumbshot lets you capture screenshots of (almost) any web page. Visualize instantly any web page! Increase site traffic, click rate etc…
    More information about it implementation is in the site. don’t forget to link back to the website.

  • PagePeeker thumbnail

    Website thumbnails and website screenshots - PagePeeker
    PagePeeker is a freemium thumbnails screenshot service. it Generate screenshots in a matter of seconds. Never busy, so there’s no waiting in line. Rendering starts immediately and is finished quickly. Using two different rendering techniques, they ensure that the screenshots and website thumbnails are always generated properly. If one method fails, the second always succeeds. Here is a link to their free plan.

  • Screenshot machine

    Screenshot machine - capture any web page easily
    This is a screenshot rendering and download service website without sitting in the queue. Powerful and developer friendly API designed to be as simple as it could be. this thumbnail capturing service is based on HTTP GET requests.

  • Thumbnails Pro

    ThumbnailsPro (TNP) is a one step process to generate and display website thumbnails to your web visitors. TNP puts you in control of the quality, size, dimensions and other elements of your thumbnail images easily. The free website thumbnails service which requires no back links to use will serve the needs of most but for those requiring larger volumes and more features, there is a PRO service.

  • Thumboo! Generator

    Thumboo! Free Website Thumbnails and PHP Script to Generate Web Screenshots
    Now you can display high-quality website thumbnails on your site with our easy to drop-in php or java code. Just enter the URL of the page you want to generate, choose a size and copy & paste the code. It’s super easy. This service is completely free to use as long as the code runs unmodified.

  • W3Snapshot

    w3snapshot Thumbnails generator
    Web screenshots enhance your website by giving your users the ability to preview links instantly. it basic site snapshot service is completely free! The basic thumbnail service provides up to 100,000 free credits for your low traffic website. W3Snapshot service is an HTTP GET or POST request. The service parameters are passed as simple HTTP parameters.

  • Thumbshots.com

    Thumbshot Thumbnails screenshoter
    Thumbshots Images™ are screenshots web pages in thumbnail sizes that can help your users preview a link before clicking on it. it has both free and paid plans. Thumbshots make your blog or site more attractive and pleasant keeping visitors stay longer!. Click here for their various service plans.

  • webprev.com

    Webprev.com is a free online service that offers to get website previewed images instantly. Users are able to capturing screenshots of websites and webmasters can also add webpage thumbnails to their own sites to help their visitors to preview links. No payment ! No fee ! No registration ! Just copy, paste and go.
    The thumbnails image URL is http://www.webprev.com/thumb.php?conf=1372956789s6uxbf5a4rugphvz4cjmbj&imagesize=200×150&url=http://www.domain.com.
    Change ‘url=http://www.domain.com’ to the url you wanted. Please don’t forget to start with ‘http://’ in the url. You can also change ‘imagesize=200×150’ to ‘imagesize=150×120’ if you want a smaller picture.

  • Web Shots Pro

    WebShotsPro.com : Website Screenshot Generation - Website Thumbnail Service
    WebShotsPro.com is a service for webmasters to include advanced website screenshot technology on their websites. it is purely a premium service.

  • makeathumbnail.com

    A thumbnail is a small representation of a picture on a web page,
    usually containing a hyperlink to a full-size version of the graphic. Thumbnails are used to load pages that have lots of graphics or pictures more quickly in a Web browser.
    MakeAThumbnail.com allows you to turn your larger images into thumbnails, which you can then use on your own web pages. it can turn any jpg or png photo or picture into a thumbnail as
    long as the original files is less than 1 MB in size.

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  • Julien

    There also Browshot (https://browshot.com/) with some nice features like using iPhone/iPad/Android to take screenshots.

    • http://wapden.net collizo4sky

      Thanks for your contribution. just checked it and it really a nice one.

  • http://grabz.it DomusMaximus

    You have missed out one of the best screenshot services in my opinion: GrabzIt (http://grabz.it). You can customize much more than most services including the location the screenshot is taken from, custom watermarks and more.

    It also has an API in seven programming languages and comes complete with a on-line tool to allow you to automatically take screenshots without coding.