How To Serve Amazon S3 Images Via CloudFlare CDN

Amazon S3 is a cloud file storage. i personally use it to store this blog images and some of my personal files. Amazon s3 work hand in hand with Amazon Cloudfront, since i was using Cloudflare free CDN, i needed to serve images from my S3 bucket via CloudFlare at a much higher speed with lower latency.

Before this can be possible, you need to have re-written your Amazon s3 URL to a subdomain by creating a CNAME record in your CloudFlare website DNS Zone.
Follow the steps below to learn how to serve s3 images via CloudFlare CDN.

  • Login to your Cloudflare and navigate to your website DNS Settings
    cloudflare DNS settings
  • Create a CNAME record pointing to your amazon bucket name. Guide on how to brand amazon s3 url to your sub domain can be found here.
    Below image is how i changed my s3 URL to “” by setting up a CNAME in my cloudflare DNS zone.
    CloudFlare CNAME record
  • To serve the image through CloudFlare CDN, click the cloud symbol as shown in the image below to accelerate traffic and serve s3 images via CloudFlare.
    CloudFlare accelerate icon
  • On clicking, the symbol will change to the image below, which signifies cloudflare is now activated to serve your Amazon s3 images.
    CloudFlare activated

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